This is the song by ‘Los Tigres del Norte’ that destroys Grupo Firme

Despite ‘Firm Group‘ are considered the most successful exponents of the Mexican regional today, the famous group ‘The Northern Tigers‘ have managed to take their place among the most listened to with a release this year.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that Grupo Firme, Julión Álvarez and Espinoza Paz, have occupied the first places of reproduction of “MonitorLatino”, however ‘Los Tigres del Norte’ came to destroy them.

In a recent update, it was revealed that ‘Los Tigres del Norte’ are still the “Bosses of bosses” and now monopolize the entertainment news, thanks to a successful song.

The Tigres del Norte beat Grupo Firme

Los Tigres del Norte rank first on the playlists in the Mexican regional. Documentary of Los Tigres del Norte on Prime Video.

Despite the fact that a few days ago it was announced that Espinoza Paz was in first place with his song “La mushasha shula” in the list of the most listened to, now it is ‘Los Tigres del Norte’ who steal the place, as well as Grupo Firme, who usually occupy the position.

With their song “I miss a sin”, which is part of their album “La reunion Deluxe” the group once again reaches the pinnacle of success.

So far, “I’m missing a sin” already has more than three million views in the official video and has received hundreds of positive comments.

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Los Tigres del Norte documentary 2022

Documentary of Los Tigres del Norte on Prime Video.

A few months ago, the famous group ‘Los Tigres del Norte’ announced the release of their new documentary “Stories to Tell”.

Through the Prime Video platform, the group shared all the way to their successful artistic career.

“Stories to tell” from ‘The Northern Tigers‘ recounts the beginnings and the path to success, to become one of the most important groups in Mexico.

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