This is the visual challenge of the vampire that is driving the internet crazy

Users of social networks have expressed their intrigue before the new viral challenge that is fashionable on digital platforms, whose protagonist is a vampire. This challenge consists of detecting a serious error in the illustration, which not everyone achieves at first glance.

The illustration has been shared millions of times by users on different social networks, and although it is said that this visual challenge of the vampire has some difficulty, the reality is that 95 percent manage to get it right when pointing out the error.

Vampires are mythological beings that have been the protagonists of books, comics, movies and all kinds of content in the modern era. It is one of the classic horror characters preferred by the audience. In fact, there is a Guinness record for the largest number of people dressed as vampires in one place.

What’s wrong with the viral vampire challenge?

Do you see what is wrong in this illustration? The vampire cat was raising funds for homeless pets

Most users manage to find the error that gave rise to this viral challenge in the illustration of the vampire, although it is recognized that it is for observers and more than a trick with perception, it is more about knowledge of these legendary beings.

The serious error that is exposed in this illustration, in which a vampire is observed in front of a mirror shaving his beard, with his fangs and claws exposed, is the following: according to the legend Originally from these beings, vampires cannot see their reflection in any surface, including mirrors, as they have no soul.

The purpose of the vampire visual challenge is to point out this error in the shortest amount of time possible, so that horror fanatic users who are familiar with the legend of these beings can quickly identify this huge flaw in the drawing, while others They spend more time looking for other types of details.

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Vampire cat goes viral

The vampire cat was raising funds for homeless pets

It should be remembered that a vampire cat became viral on networks, as its owner disguised it as one of these beings to take pictures of it and spread its cause, which was to raise funds for homeless pets in Russia.

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