Esto es Guerra: Meet the new reality show tails and everything you need to know about the renewed season

LAST UPDATE Last night of the presentation of the new tails of Esto es Guerra. The reality show featured its latest bombshells, three models: one woman and two men. They are Luciana Fernández, Joel Ojeda and Christian Innocenti. The usual participants Mario Irivarren and Karen Dejo were also present. The drivers of Esto es Guerra played the mystery with the entry of Yahaira Plasencia, but the sauce boat was conspicuous by its absence.

UPDATE The second night of the presentation of Esto es Guerra’s new tailings had ups and downs. These are some of the most critical moments that were experienced and the new participants that join the Great Game. Janick Maceta. The model was the first runner-up in Miss Tourism World and now she feels very proud to be part of the reality show Esto es Guerra. His name became a trend in social networks after making a not very flattering comment to Patricio Parodi about his physique. Diego Geminez vs Patricio Quinones. Ay ay ay! The soccer player and the dancer were presented as the tailing bombs of This is War: The Great Game. It is not for less, both were opposed because Geminez suggested that he had spent the night in the apartment of the model and actress Milett Figueroa, Quiñones’ partner.

Sofia Caja. The model represented us at Miss Teen World 2017. She presented herself with a beautiful turquoise jumpsuit and said that she was very happy to enter Esto es Guerra, the young woman paraded down the runway of the reality show. Facundo’s crying.- One of the most moving moments of reality was played by Facundo González. The Argentine communicated with his mother who is in Argentina and spoke of the illness that afflicts his father. Look it here. Those who come back Patricio Parodi, Fabio Agostini, Austin Palao, Luis Alfonso Bustíos and Baby Hugo were also present at this second presentation gala. Some of the well-known warriors who are reintegrated are Alejandra Baigorria and Cachaza.

“This is War: The Great Game” premiered a new season and although they have not presented all the new tails, these are some of the characters that are already part of the popular reality show. Here we recount everything that happened in this first presentation. The cry of Melissa Loza.- The model is one of the oldest members of the reality show Esto es Guerra. Loza broke down in tears remembering the death of his grandfather, who was his closest father figure. You can relive this moment here. Ítalo Válcarcel and Diego Chávarri.- The dancer and the ex-soccer player were presented as the new highlights of the program. Although it is true that Chávarri was already in This is War, Melissa Klug’s ex returns for his revenge. Both were bellicose with each other due to the relationship they had with “Blanca de Chucuito” Renato Rossini.- Another highlight of the program was the actor’s son. The 19-year-old came to the program with great euphoria, the actor dedicated some tender words to him LIVE and told him that he was proud that he belongs to one of the most popular programs on Peruvian television, as is the case with This is War.

Macarena Velez.- Without a doubt, another of the milestones of This is War that left more than one in shock. The former member of Combate went to the ranks of the reality show of the competition. The model said she felt very happy in this new space. The Incredible Woman will show why she should never have been let go of ATV TV. Chica Selfie.- Rosángela Espinoza returned to This is War after four months of being away from reality. The model was separated by the production due to the fight she starred in with Yahaira Plasencia, but in this television space nothing is forever. Alessandra Bonelli.- The former candidate for Miss Peru, Alessandra Bonelli, was one of the highlights of the Esto es Guerra program. The model was during 2015 as a participant in the reality show, but was eliminated shortly after. Learn about his story of strength and report here. The usual ones.- The classic members of Esto es Guerra were also present: Rafael Cardozo, Nicola Porcella, Angie Arizaga and Paloma Fiuza were presented as participants in this new season.