This is what Cazzu did before she was famous

Before being the famous interpreter of the urban genre, Cazzu was dedicated to this

The Argentinean singer Cazzu has become, in a short time, one of the great references of the urban genre in Spanish. Although she had already begun to reap success, her courtship with Mexican singer Christian Nodal has given her more exposure than she thought.

And the fact is that the famous 28-year-old rapper has become a pillar in Christian’s life. He seems very much in love with his new girlfriend, so it has even been rumored that the two are planning to get married.

As we told you in American Post News, the relationship between the Argentinean and the Mexican has been going so well that Nodal dedicated the Latin Grammy award he received a few days ago to her, so it is presumed that they are more in love than ever.

Cazzu, before she was famous.

However, before achieving all the success in music, the celebrity had to endure some hardships knowing that someday her chance would come.

In an interview for the newspaper El País, the Argentinean revealed her origins and everything she had to go through to have a chance in music.

I am South American, and I was born in a remote village in the north of Argentina called Fraile Pintado, in Jujuy. Although it has stolen more time from my career, all that has given me a context I feel very proud of,” the singer related.

In the same interview, she revealed what she did before she became famous. Since she barely had any money and lived alone, she had to work and study to support herself. That is why the beautiful Argentinean created a Facebook page where she promoted artists and spread information about bands and singers.

She also took the opportunity to promote herself because she already had a repertoire of songs she had practiced since she was very young. Her efforts were finally rewarded because, in Cazzu’s words, she did this activity until she was discovered.

“I did it until someone discovered me, and I gave him that space,” said Nodal’s lover to El País.

How did Cazzu and Nodal meet?

Cazzu and Nodal began their relationship in May 2022
Cazzu and Nodal began their relationship in May 2022

In May 2022, Nodal and Cazzu met at the Feria de San Isidro, Metepec, where the rapper was invited to perform the song “Si Te Falta Alguien” with the Mexican, and it is believed that this is when Nodal fell in love with the Argentinean.

After this, the celebrity made a trip to Guatemala to meet her, and they were even captured holding hands, which raised suspicions of a romance that was later confirmed.