This is what Danna Paola and Angelique Boyer looked like as children when they appeared on Hoy!

This day the morning program “Hoy” celebrated its anniversary, since it has been broadcast on open television for 24 years. For this reason they made a reminder of the best moments of the program during all these years. One of the best moments was seeingDanna Paola Y Angelique Boyer of girls!

The two celebrities had an appearance on Hoy as they were invited to sing. child actress Danna Paola He was 6 years old and had just played his leading role in the telenovela “María Belén” and was already beginning to explore his taste for singing because he also performed the main theme.

While the actress Angelique Boyer He was a member of the group “Rabanitos Verdes” in which he began singing when he was 11 years old. She although later she dedicated herself more to acting in Mexican soap operas. She knows more about the famous AmericanPost.News.

We share the video clip of the appearance of the two actresses

This is what Danna Paola and Anagelique Boyer looked like as children. This is what Danna Paola and Angelique Boyer look like today.

The video clip in which they appear Danna Paola 6 years old and Angelique Boyer 13 years old was also published on the Twitter account of the Hoy program. So if you missed it live you can relive the moment as many times as you want.

Likewise, Boyer commented that it was a great experience working with Danna Paola even though it was much smaller. She states that she was very talented and professional: “When we started recording with her and everything she was a super professional girl. It was a great opportunity to be doing this song with her.“.

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What are Danna Paola and Angelique Boyer doing now?

This is what Danna Paola and Angelique Boyer look like today.

Currently, the famous Danna Paola is about to launch her tour in Mexico called Xt4sis tour since she is more focused on music, in addition, her most recent performance was in Elite as the character called Lu.

While Angelique Boyer has focused solely on being a soap opera actress and is in a relationship with Sebastian Rulli.

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