This is what Eduardo Yáñez looks like in his role as a transvestite for the series “Mi Tío”

Big and rude is like Eduardo Yanez comes out in the new Amazon Prime Video series entitled “My Uncle”, where, for the first time, use false eyelashes, make-up, wig and women’s clothing.

The actor acknowledged that it was a difficult task to get on the heels, but that it was fun to do it, there is no doubt.

“I enjoyed it very much. I had a great time and also with great respect and affection for the LGBTTTIQ + community, “the actor told Agencia Reforma.

“My assistant helped me (to put on the eyelash), she was the one who recorded me, with whom I did my rehearsals, and all that. Also the director (Javier Colinas) helped me a lot. I sent him a couple of videos of how the evolution of all this was going, and he returned his impressions to me, and based on that I was making the adjustments”.

Yáñez brings to life the character of Billy, a transvestite owner of a gay club in this comedy starring José Eduardo Derbez (Andy).

“It was a job of more than a month and a half of walking (in heels), recording myself, and seeing myself. Also putting on makeup and speaking the dialogues like that, until the character was taking shape,” said Yáñez.

at first zero, I didn’t get anything that I wanted. I felt more like imitating a transvestite than being one.“, he claimed. “Yes, it takes time and several attempts to transform you.”

The comedy available on Amazon Prime Video premiered its first season to positive reviews.

The 61-year-old soap opera heartthrob does not lose rudeness in “Mi Tío”.

“Tall, big and rude”, he expressed smiling when questioned how he considers he looks with the characterization.

“More or less the same, but in women.”

Yáñez indicated that the public should not miss the series, because in addition to being funny it touches on very current topics.

“It is what we are experiencing now in many aspects. Family issues, school issues, that are seen on the street as a society, and how we change our behaviors according to customs and as well as the technological advance that we have.

“But above all the family issue, because it deals with the story of an uncle who is a musician and they put him to take care of a child, and he has to half educate him. I, as a mother, have to educate my daughter, because, as a man, I am a terrible man.”

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