This is what Emilio Osorio looks like as ‘El Potrillo’ in Vicente Fernández’s bioseries

The Vicente Fernández bioseries ‘The Last King’‘ produced by John Osorio It will hit the screen soon, so the promo was published by the same Televisa producer; In the images you can see Emilio Osorio as Alejandro Fernandez ‘El Potrillo’.

The story is inspired by the biographical book ‘El Charro de Huentitán’ written by Olga Wornat with the same title, and will star Pablo Montero and Ileana Foxwho will give life to María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, better known as ‘Cuquita‘, wife of the late singer.

As we announced in AmericanPost.Newsthe son of Juan Osorio and Niurka Marcos was chosen to give life to ‘El Potrillo’ in the series that will hit Mexican screens on March 14 through Televisa.

Emilio Osorio as Alejandro Fernandez ‘El Potrillo’

Promotional of ‘The Last King’ The actor is the son of Juan Osorio and Niurka Marcos

In the promo for ‘The Last King’ shared by the producer on his Instagram account, you can see Emilio in a black and white image, who plays Alexander Fernandez in his youth, as well as Iván Arana as Vicente Fernandez Jr. and Jesus Moré as Gerardo Fernandez.

In the photograph, you can see Vicente Fernández’s family looking at the camera, while Pablo Montero, who plays the charro, wears the smile that characterizes the interpreter of ‘Estoscelos’.

The image was accompanied by the phrase: “I engraved his name on the stalk of a maguey… and life gave us three foals with many stories.

How old is Emily?

The actor is the son of Juan Osorio and Niurka Marcos

Emilio Osorio Marcos is a Mexican actor, known for playing Aristotle Córcega in ‘My husband has a family’. Currently at their 19 years oldthe actor will play Alejandro Fernández ‘El Potrillo’ in Vicente Fernández’s bioseries, ‘El último rey’, produced by Juan Osorio.

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