This is what Erik Rubín said about how Andrea Legarreta gets along with all of his former partners

Andrea Legarreta she is not jealous of her husband’s ex-partners Erik RubinOn the contrary, he even gets along with all those who at some point stole the singer’s heart.

This was assured by the member of Timbiriche, who commented that he maintains an excellent relationship with those who had an affair in the past.

“I have always been very passionate and very intense, with all my exes I get along incredible, I see all of them and I love them and I would never dare to speak ill of any of them.

“There is so much love between us, in fact, Andrea has a very good friendship with all my exes and I with her exErik said at a press conference.

The singer met with his daughter Mia to announce the 16-year-old’s debut on stage.

Raíces is the name of the show that Mía and Erik will offer, this December 3 at the 360 ​​Show Center, where they will be accompanied by Chucho Rivas, Kalimba and Yahir.

“Since I was little I always knew that I wanted to be a soloist, it has always been a dream not because I don’t want to be part of a group, but I see myself alone; Yes it is a job, but I am excited to have started with my dad.

“Even if I am a soloist, I will not be alone since I will be accompanied by talented people who love and support me and one of them is my father,” Mía commented.

Although Mía began her acting career at the age of 10, in the play Anita La Huerfanita, her true passion is singing.

In her presentation, Mía will perform the song “Flecha” in a duet with Rivas, while her father will take a tour of his successes.

“As a father, I just hope she is happy, I see her very enthusiastic doing something she loves, a dream that she has been fulfilling since she was little, I already knew what I wanted to do. Seeing her take her first steps in this medium is very gratifying for me.

“It’s not because she’s my daughter, but she brings music in her bloodHe enjoys it, that infects people, the joy and doing what he loves ”, said Erik.

Mía, 16, assured that being currently known as the daughter of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín is not an obstacle on her path to becoming a star, on the contrary, for her, carrying the surnames of her parents, far from being a pressure, it is an advantage and a compliment.

They indicated that, in the middle, there has been great reception from the public and colleagues, but that they have also faced hatred and rejection from some haters, however, they have managed to deal with it.

“People will always doubt you, no matter your talent or what you have prepared for, they will criticize you, but I I consider that it does not matter what people say, but that you are happy and satisfied with the work you are doing“Shared the teenager.

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