This is what Germán Montero will do with his Masterchef award

As we have previously informed you in AmericanPost.News, One of the most popular programs in recent months was Masterchef, which brought together several national stars in the same kitchen, and the winner was Germán Montero.

The singer of the Lemon Band Coiling Machine it took a million pesos to the bag, and finally revealed what it will do with the prize.

After the Masterchef winner was the singer, he now said that it will help him get up after the pandemic.

The economic situation of Germán Montero

The singer told the media that the substantial amount will help him have a Merry Christmas, as you can settle some debts.

It is well known that one of the sectors most affected during the pandemic was entertainment, so many were unable to organize concerts or mass events, which affected the singer’s economy.

That is why the singer, who has more than 300 thousand followers on his Instagram account, will be able to pay some debts, and have a Christmas without much concern.

Did Masterchef win justly?

Germán was the winner of the first season of Masterchef Celebrity

Much was said about justice and injustice in the most famous kitchen in the country, because while some were betting that the winner should be Stephanie Salas, Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter, others say that the decision to give the award to Germán was correct.

The truth is that this first season has marked a pause, and surely soon we will be seeing new seasons of Masterchef celebrity, with more artists trying out their culinary arts.

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