This is what PSY, creator of Gangnam Style, looks like

the rapper Park Jae Sangknown in the world as PSYbecame one of the artists who defined the 2010s with his well-known song Gangnam Style, launched in 2013, and which gained worldwide popularity. But what happened to the singer and what does he look like? On AmericanPost.News We bring you all the details.

Before 2012, his fame was limited to South Koreahis native country, however, managed to conquer social networks with his unique dance, which allowed him an almost unprecedented rise in popularity.

The rapper became famous but not for the lyrics of his songs or his genre, but for his particular dance. In fact, few know the meaning of ‘Gangnam Style’, since Gangnam is actually a residential neighborhood in Seoul and the song is a parody of his lifestyle.

What happened to the creator of Gangnam Style?

The Korean rapper gained popularity with his dance The rapper was born in South Korea.

Park Jae-Sang became the first artist to surpass the billion views of a video clip, and the amount continues to increase over the years, so much so that in 2017 it became the most viewed clip on YouTube.

Due to the success of the song Gangnam Style, the rapper released the song Gentleman, which was also recognized, although it did not exceed the popularity of the first. Due to this, his last album was released in 2017.

The Korean rapper continued to perform his hits until 2020, when he had to stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic, since then he has not released any new songs. The singer had important collaborations with artists such as Snoop Dogg and the K-pop group 2NE1.

Currently, the artist continues to promote his career through his social networks, and has ventured as producer for various Korean artists. His last public appearance was last January at the Dubai Expo.

How old is PSY?

The rapper was born in South Korea.

Park Jae-Sang better known as PSY was born in South Korea in December 1977, so now he has 44 years old. He studied music at the Berklee School (United States) after starting other university careers that he did not finish. As we announced in Lto Truth Newsit was in 2013 that the creator of the Gangnam Style dance rose to worldwide fame.

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