This is what Sarah Kohan looked like before being with Chicharito Hernández

Sarah Cohan He was a partner of the Mexican soccer player Chicharito Hernandez with whom he had two children. However, the relationship ended and they separated and currently she has entered into controversy when the pension that the striker passes to her children is discovered.

But she was already a famous Australian model long before she met the Mexican soccer player and in AmericanPost.News we show you how the beauty looked Sarah Cohan before meeting the father of her children.

Sarah was born in Australia but has a Romanian ancestry. The young model met the soccer player in 2019 and this made her the focus of all the press because she was the girlfriend of one of the most beloved talents in Mexico.

This is the enviable figure that Sarah Kohan had in her youth

Sarah Kohan before meeting Chicharito Sarah Kohan with her children.

Like every model Sarah Cohan she had an incredible figure and the exact measurements for the modeling industry. So it was easy for the entire public to be enchanted with her until her separation from Chicharito was announced, despite the fact that they already had two children.

The Australian model began to be harshly criticized for the millionaire figure that the footballer asked for in a legal claim for the support of his children. She asked for 100 thousand dollars each month for the care of the little ones.

In addition, she accused Chicharito of being an absent father, although they now have a close relationship for the children.

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How old is Sarah Kohan?

Sarah Kohan with her children.

The famous model Sarah Kohan is currently 28 years old and was born on March 6, 1994 and was born in the city of Sydney, Australia. Her two children that she had with Chicharito Hernández are called Noha and Nala.

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