This is what Shakira looked like before and after the surgeries

The famous international singer, Shakirabegan her career in music since she was a girl, so the great change she had in recent years has been recorded in thousands of photographs and videos.

When Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll went viral and became famous, she had black hair and had not yet had any surgery on her face.

She was always very beautiful and used little makeup, but over time, she began to make arrangements and it is even rumored that she spent more than a million and a half pesos on cosmetic surgeries.

Shakira before and after photos

Photos of Shakira before and after What surgery has Shakira had? Who is Shakira’s plastic surgeon?

In addition to the remarkable physical change, many of his fans think that his new songs had a radical change and that they do not even resemble what he did when he started.

The beautiful Shakira is not the only one who has gone through this evolution, dozens of artists are criticized for making changes to their music, but the Colombian has managed to keep her fan club in force until now.

What surgery has Shakira had?

What surgery has Shakira had? Who is Shakira’s plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgery experts have declared that the Colombian singer has all these operations on her face.

Veneers in the teeth: 7 thousand euros (168,438 Mexican pesos)

Rhinoplasty: 7 thousand euros (168,438 Mexican pesos)

Bichectomy: 2,000 euros (48,125 Mexican pesos)

Liposuction 5 Times: 25 thousand euros (601,566 Mexican pesos)

Botox on the face: 800 euros (19,250 Mexican pesos)

Abdominoplasty: 500 euros (12,000 Mexican pesos)

Gluteoplasty: 3,000 euros (72,187 Mexican pesos)

Who is Shakira’s plastic surgeon?

Who is Shakira’s plastic surgeon?

Although it is not known for sure if Shakira has a staff surgeon, everyone knows that her native country, Colombia, has the best doctors in plastic surgery, even famous Mexicans travel to have surgery, such as Kimberly Loaiza.

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