This is what the face of Mariana Boots looks like after having an operation on her face

Mariana Boots is a beautiful Mexican actress who recently confessed on his social networks that he was very happy to have undergone cosmetic surgery and, along with his bandaged face, revealed that the Bichiat bags were removed.

It seems that on this occasion the talented actress from Una Familia de 10, underwent an aesthetic procedure which is known as a bichectomy, where the double chin was reduced.

It should be noted that this procedure to which the charismatic Mariana Botas underwent aims to stylize the face since the lines are softened when the volume in the central area of ​​the face at the level of the cheeks is reduced.

Mariana Boots shows off her new face

Mariana Boots shows off her new face The before and after of the actress

The actress of Una Familia de 10, Mariana Botas shared some of the results she has obtained from this procedure through her social networks,

“My surgeon has already removed the stitches, look, we’re doing great, the truth is that we already saw the before photos and there is a change a week.”

From what her doctor explained, “it is beginning to show, it is still very little time, but she is doing very well, she has behaved very well, we have already removed the stitches and from now on everything is improving.”

The before and after of the actress

The before and after of the actress

On this occasion, a week after the surgery, the beautiful Mariana Botas shared a before and after photo and mentioned that she was very happy with the progress, although she is still recovering and there is more time to see the final results, she wrote:

“It’s not my best photo haha ​​but here’s the progress so far.”

It should be noted that the talented Mariana Botas added that for her recovery to be better, she must be very disciplined with her diet and exercise: “Obviously I have to make an effort to eat, there recovering the exercise little by little so that the changes be more noticeable.”

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