This is what the house of Nerea Godínez looks like, the fiancée of the late Octavio Ocaña

In recent days the spotlights have been on Nerea Godínez, fiancee of the late actor Octavio Ocaña. Beyond showing off the relationship he had with the actor, Godínez has also been in charge of publishing on many occasions a house in the middle of the jungle that he has with his family.

The property in Bacarlar, Quintana Roo state, Mexico, is designed to spend days of rest and relaxation. It is said that the place was built by Godínez herself and her family.

According to what is shown on social networks, the construction of this one-story house with a tin roof it was a dream for her and her loved ones.

The place has a very natural view, as it is surrounded by various trees. Inside the property they only have what is necessary such as kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms and bathroom.

One of the main characteristics of the property is that it is self-sustaining, has solar panels, own well and appliances that run on butane gas.

She and her family organize recycling days to reduce waste as much as possible.

Godínez and Ocaña have a son in common, so after the actor’s death he has declared that “I would like to find a way to explain your absence to our child”.

So far there are many questions about the cause of the actor’s death on October 31.

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