This is where Yailin La Más Viral lives after luxuries with Anuel AA

Urban artist Yailin La Más Viral lives another leap in her life after months of living in villas and luxury homes in both, the Dominican Republic and the United States, with her husband, Anuel AA.

Yailin herself confirmed this week her separation from Anuel AA through a message on her Instagram account, putting an end to the speculation and controversy surrounding the issue.

The Dominican left a strong message in which she talks about the importance of closing the cycles no matter how painful they may be. The separation could be the consequence of the months of frustration, but also because of alleged infidelity.

And in those cycles to close is also her life of excessive luxuries. It was reported by sources close to Yailin that she has returned to live in one of the residences of the urban artist Toxic Crow.

The residence is located in Santo Domingo Este. And although the property is set in a pleasant environment and enjoys excellent amenities, it does not compare to the house in Miami where she spent several months, which included more than eight rooms.

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