This is why Harry Melling doesn’t watch the Harry Potter movies

harry melling was characterized by having given life to his character Dudley Dursley, the quirky Harry Potter’s cousin in the popular JK Rolling saga.

As a result of the special reunion that part of the cast had in a television special, many of the actors have participated in various media to share details unknown until the moment of the saga.

As we have spoken to you in AmericanPost.News, the actor has been one of the last to speak and whom we did not have the opportunity to see in the HBO Max documentary “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts” revealed what are the reasons why he doesn’t enjoy watching even his own scenes of the films in which he participated.

Harry Melling’s explanation of his position

He revealed his motives on the Radio Times program. The actor was characterized by giving life to Dudley Dursle, cousin of the most famous magician in the world.

The British actor, who had participation in five of the eight films of the magical universe, explained in an interview for “RadioTimes“, the reasons why has refused to see installments of the “Harry Potter”.

“Looking back at those movies, it feels like watching old VHS tapes, like family videos”

As indicated by the actor, he is completely grateful to the franchise and above all he feels very proud to have a participation in a project as big as this, however, he assures that he doesn’t even want to see his own scenes for the sake of his mental health.

“When you start out as a child actor, I think there are certain stigmas you get from that, and I never really wanted to get involved with them.”

From his statements, comments began to emerge in the media in which it was ensured that the actor’s posture was one of the reasons, just like the ones author JK Rowling had for not appearing in the HBO Max special.

Harry Melling: The famous cousin of Harry Potter

The actor was characterized by giving life to Dudley Dursle, cousin of the most famous magician in the world.

Within the magical saga, we could see the Muggle family made up of Vernon Y petunia dursley like the uncles in Harry Potter, who They took every opportunity to mistreat a young wizard. In the movies, their son was played by actor Harry Melling, who he developed his role as a bratty child and bully of his cousin.

With his performance and participation with this role, it was enough to remember him with pride and even participate in specials like at the recent meeting.

After the success of the saga “Harry Potter”, actor Harry Melling has continued to be linked to the world of acting. Now, the actor has definitely taken off and has titles to his credit such as “Queen’s Gambit”, alongside Anya Taylor-Joy, “The devil at all hours“, along with Tom Holland, or the recent “The tragedy of Macbeth”, by Joel Coen, and starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand.

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