This movie was nominated for an Oscar in 2021, now you can watch it on Prime Video

Amazon-Prime is one of the most used streaming platforms in the world along with Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max, so week after week it seeks to bring new content for its subscribers to enjoy.

On this occasion, the company has brought a film for everyone’s enjoyment that was considered one of the best in 2021 as it competed directly with the nominees for best film, it is Licorice Pizza.

A film that undoubtedly brought many surprises to moviegoers by having Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman as protagonists, two young debutants who carry the entire film.

What is Licorice Pizza about?

Licorice Pizza talks about a relationship between two young people who are about to become adults during the 70’s, which is why it tells the story of the complicated love that is born between them.

With a setting according to the time and a deep and precise look at the behavior of that decade, this film puts on the table the love of these two characters.

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More to watch on Amazon Prime Video

This movie is causing a stir on Amazon

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However if animation is your thing or you are looking for a series to relax Haikyu! It may be a good option for you, since this anime premiered its third season on the streaming platform on September 22.

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