This nickname had Shakira among Piqué’s friends

Gerard Piqué and the singer Shakira since they announced their separation have become a trend throughout the internet and that is that despite asking for respect for their private life, every time more things come to light regarding his relationship with the footballer.

It seems that after 12 years of relationshipThere are many hidden things that the family, as well as the media, are currently revealing through social networks and that are all the rage among their fans.

It turns out that the most recent issue on the table is the coexistence that the talented Shakira had with those closest to Gerard Piqué, because apparently the singer Shakira from Barranquilla was not to the liking of the “friends” of her ex-partner.

Shakira’s nickname

Friends of Piqué Shakira had a nickname among Piqué’s friends

It should be noted that this information has been shared by the journalist Lorena Vázquez, who assured that Piqué’s friends did not enjoy spending time with Shakira.

The journalist mentioned that Shakira never managed to get along with Gerard Piqué’s friends, to the point that they gave her a nickname as a mockery, referring to the singer as La Patrona.

A nickname with which, in addition to making fun of her, generated many fights between Shakira and Piqué, since the singer knew of this outrageous nickname: “Everyone around Gerard Piqué knows Shakira as ‘La Patrona’ because apparently, she didn’t spend too much either good character with the footballer’s friends”.

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Shakira seeks to get away from the press

Shakira had a nickname among Piqué’s friends

But that was not all, because the journalist also commented that Shakira wants to leave Barcelona as soon as possible, arguing that the only reason she was still there was just because she was with Gerard Piqué, since she does not have friends in the city either.

This is one more reason why Shakira wants to go to the United States with her children; In addition to that, she is looking for a quiet place where she is not harassed by the press.

It should also be noted that Shakira’s ex-brother-in-law revealed that the main reason why the couple separated was for reasons of money. Since not receiving the money that Piqué had asked Shakira for some investments, this triggered other problems and issues with the family that led to the breakup between the singer and the soccer player.

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