This was Laura Bozzo’s surprising reaction when she saw Christian Nodal’s drastic change of look

The host Laura Bozzo, who has been characterized as one of the favorites in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, spoke out for the new physical appearance of the singer Christian Nodal. It was last Thursday during the broadcast of ‘Premios Tu Música Urbano 2022’ when he saw the great transformation that he has given since he started in this world of entertainment.

Nodal never ceases to amaze with his change of look, this time it’s her apple green hair. Although the 23-year-old Mexican has not stopped perplexing more than one, his eye-catching appearance continues to give him something to cut, because he does it constantly.

What happened to Nodal, sister? I’m in shock, it’s not even a shadow of what it was“, is heard when he mentions it within the aforementioned reality show.

During the ceremony where the interpreter of ‘Ya no somos, ni seremos’, was the grand winner of Top Regional Mexican Urban Song, Top Regional Mexican Urban Artist for his song ‘Botella after Bottle’. To receive these awards, he decided to wear a very particular outfit because everything combined with his hair color.

Congratulations also to all the artists who gave in to make this fusion with this music as beautiful as the Mexican regional is with everything you are doing“, were the words of thanks that he offered after having been awarded two awards at the last gala.

Internet users never stop and it is that many spoke out for their awards, just as others did not stop and They began to make memes with their new tone in their hair, since it is usually quite striking. However, a few weeks ago he had a very different color and it was when the fans compared him to J Balvin, a topic that caused a lot of annoyance on the part of the Mexican.

Let’s remember that the participants in the aforementioned reality show are completely forbidden to see what happens in the outside world, this as part of the regulations that exist to be able to be the great winner of the 200 thousand dollars of whoever becomes the lucky winner. However, the production team authorized permission so that those who remain could enjoy the gala.

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