This was said by Chiquis Rivera in the face of rumors that she still has contact with Esteban Loaiza

Chiquis Rivera assured that does not maintain any contact with the former baseball player, Esteban Loaizawho was the third and last husband of his mother, the late “Diva de la Banda”, Jenni Rivera.

“No, of course not”was what Chiquis answered when she was questioned by the media after it was rumored that she allegedly talked to Esteban again now that he is free after spending some time in jail.

As we have told you in AmericanPost.NewsMore than ten years ago, Jenni accused her eldest daughter, Chiquis Rivera, of having an affair with her then-husband, Esteban Loaiza, whom she divorced in 2012.

According to arguments from the press and several fans, it is said that this was the reason why the “Butterfly neighborhood” was away from his firstborn until the day he died and even took it out of his will.

Chiquis Rivera affirms that she never had a relationship with Esteban Loaiza

Chiquis has always said that she never had any relationship with her mother’s husband/Photo: This is why Four of Jenni’s five children are the singer’s heirs/Photo: Mag el Comercio

Chiquis assures that nothing happened between her and Loaiza, and even says she has some camera recordings in which they never appear together and that everything was a lie so that the relationship would fracture.

However, many fans of Jenni Rivera do not forgive or do not believe in the innocence of Chiquisand they keep asking him about his “relationship” with Esteban Loaiza, who was recently released from prison as he was serving a sentence for drug possession in San Diego, California.

Despite this controversy, Janney Marín Rivera, better known as Chiquis Rivera, has tried to keep her career away from scandals and has focused on her work in the Mexican region, recently releasing her new album “Queen Bee.”

Who got Jenni Rivera’s inheritance?

Four of Jenni’s five children are the heirs of the singer/Photo: Mag el Comercio

The detachment between mother and daughter was such that Jenni left her eldest daughter out of her willleaving his other four children as sole heirs: Jenicka Lopez, Johnny Angel Lopez, Michael Marin and Jacqie Marin.

The latter was recently appointed as director of Jenni Rivera’s companies. However, Chiquis Rivera’s brothers decided to share part of her inheritance with her.

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