This was said by the mothers of Christian Nodal and Belinda after the controversy

There is no doubt that the scandal between Christian Nodal and Belinda Yes, I was one of the most commented on this day on social networks, even causing some memories of the past to come to light in the history of their courtship.

As their families are the protagonists of this controversial story, after both decided to end their relationship, much was said between their closest people.

From Belinda’s mother calling him “Naco” to the many times Cristy Nodal tried to separate him from the “Sapito” singer.

Belinda’s mother called him ‘Naco’

Belinda’s mother called him naco Christian Nodal exposes Belinda in networks

After the Mexican regional singer and the Latin pop princess decided to end their relationship, their families became part of their controversial history.

Belinda Schull, the singer’s mother, repeatedly threw stones at Nodal.

“Loyalty comes first, second and third. If you’re not loyal, you’re worthless,” reads an image he posted on his Instagram stories. Instagram the mother of Belinda.

The bomb exploded when this week the woman in question would have responded to a comment where a fan of Belinda called “Popcorn“to the interpreter of Bottle after bottle.

For her part, the mother of Nodal She has been the most reserved in that case regarding her comments, especially since in recent weeks it was revealed that she had a malignant tumor in the colon and in that sense, maintain her energies around her health.

Christian Nodal exposes Belinda in networks

Christian Nodal exposes Belinda in networks

In a forceful way, the singer exploded and decided to expose himself on his social networks with a talk with Belinda, showing how she asked for money for her parents.

“20 years collecting the fruits of his daughter until leaving her with nothing. Leave me alone, I am healing. I do not bother you, I do not even demand my credits in songs or in life. Everything beautiful that is happening deserves it and I also It cost me. When I get tired of giving, it’s all over,” Christian said.

As expected, thousands of fans on the networks support Christian Nodal, while many others crucify him for exposing his ex-fiancée in this way.

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