This was Tania Rincón’s intimate party for her 35th birthday

The host of “Hoy” turned 35 (Photo: Instagram / @ taniarin)

Tania Rincon celebrated his birthday with a small gathering between friends and family. The actual morning driver Today received his 35 years in the company of your loved ones.

It was through Instagram that the native of Michoacan highlighted his birthday party. Through a series of photos, Tania revealed who her guests were, as it was a small meeting. He highlighted the presence of Cynthia Rodriguez, part of Come the joy, Y Maria Fernanda Quiroz.

“Between flowers, laughter, love, cake, food, sweets and much happiness, celebrating my birthday”Rincon highlighted. The celebrity posed comfortable in her day by wearing a loose gray sweatshirt that contrasted with her red skirt.

Tania Rincon
This was the celebration of the Michoacan host (Photo: Instagram / @ taniarin)

The place of the celebration was worshiping with details in pastel color. “35 and fantastic”, it was read in a decoration next to his name. It also featured flowers, plates and more in shades of light pink, which gave a refined touch to the celebration of the ex-driver of Come the joy.

The post was well received and in just a few hours it exceeded 60 thousand likes. Similarly, several celebrities took advantage of the space to dedicate a few words to Tania Rincón. “We love you. Happy birthday, Tania! “wrote the singer Carlos rivera.

Jahir ocampo, who is facing an injury due to his participation in Exatlón México, also commented: “We love you, my Tania. To celebrate many more ”. It also transcended what was written by Roman Torres, Member of Matisse: “Happy Birthday, Tan. The best good always.”

Tania Rincon
Tania celebrated her 35th birthday (Photo: Instagram / @ taniarin)

On the other hand, her husband Daniel Perez, married since 2011, shared on his Instagram account that the celebrations for the driver started first thing in the day. In the complicity of his son, Pérez added: “Waiting for them to give the 6:00 (hours) to go to celebrate my puppy, Tania Rincón ”. The photograph of the story He pointed out that it was 4:45 hours.

His followers were not far behind and also expressed their best wishes. Some netizens they pointed out the absence of their companions of the current program in which it participates, Today. Said comments contrasted with the presence of the singer Cynthia Rodríguez, who is one of the stars of the morning competition, Come the Joy.

Tania Rincon
Her husband surprised her very early (Photo: Instagram / @ danielpefa)

But nevertheless, Tania Rincón was celebrated during the broadcast of December 15 of the Televisa program. “Today we celebrate Tania Rincón’s birthday and of course his children Patricio and Amelia were part of the celebration”Wrote the Instagram account of Today.

The host from Michoacán received her two children at Forum 16 of Televisa San Ángel, Patrick, four years old Y Amelia, who was born at the end of January of this year. The production consented to Rincón and they set up a table of sweets, as well as decorations with balloons. “The best gift, those beauties of angels”, highlighted his partner Andrea Legarreta.

Tania Rincon
Tania’s celebration in “Hoy” (Photo: Instagram / @ programahoy)

Throughout the recent hours, Tania Rincon has reposted the congrats that have been sent to him on Instagram. In these, the path of the host was noted, as several projects stand out on various television channels, including her passage through Fox Sports.

“Dear friend Tania Rincón. I celebrate your life, your friendship, your love. You know how much I admire and respect you. Cheers, for many more years of that beautiful smile“Commented the driver Jean duverman, who was briefly part of Timbiriche.

Tania Rincon
This is how Jean Duverman congratulated Tania Rincón (Photo: Instagram / @ taniarin)

Other personalities who joined the displays of affection towards the Michoacan on her birthday were Esmeralda Ugalde, Shanik Berman, Raúl “El Negro” Araiza, Alejandro Maldonado and Jenny García. “Expert in exercise routines, conducting events, carrying two children with one arm and one clever sense of humor“Said the journalist Crag.

In addition to TodayTania Rincón has participated in other programs on the San Ángel television station. Highlighted Warriors 2020, a sports competition reality show hosted by the Michoacan and Mauricio Barcelata.


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