This was the Baby Shower of Maya Nazor and Santa Fe Klan

Santa Fe Klan and Maza Nazor They prepare all the details for the birth of their baby, sharing the entire process with their thousands of followers.

the long awaited Luka’s baby shower It was celebrated in the company of his family, friends and people close to his social circle.

And it is that after both announced that they will be parents, social networks have not missed any details about this beautiful moment in their lives.

Maya Nazor shares images of her Baby Shower

Maya Nazor continues showing off her pregnant belly, this time sharing all the details of her Baby Shower in the company of Santa Fe Klan.

“Welcome baby. I love you,” Maya is heard saying at the beginning of the video, which adds up to hundreds of thousands of reactions.

“They have money in their hands and they are super humble, their baby was super simple ❤️ that’s why they love them so much”, “That’s how it should be something super intimate, familiar, with people who love you and love you much more bb. Congratulations!!! Blessings,” read some comments.

When will Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor’s baby be born?

When will Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor’s baby be born?

the popular rapper Santa Fe Klan and his girlfriend Maya Nazorannounced in early April that they are expecting their first baby, whom they will call Luka.

Various media ensure that the model and influencer is 6 months pregnant, so the baby would be born between June or July.

In the meantime Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor They enjoy this stage to the fullest and count the days to welcome little Luka.

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