This was the day Salma Hayek refused to date Donald Trump

This was the day Salma Hayek refused to date Donald Trump
Salma Hayek rejected an outing with the tycoon and former president of the United States.

The actress Salma Hayek is considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and there have been many men who have not been able to resist his charms, including the businessman and former president of the United States, Donald Trump.

It is no surprise to anyone that the former US president is not to the liking of the Veracruz woman after the speech on which he based his political campaign. However, everything seems to indicate that her annoyance with him dates back a few years, and is related to an invitation to go out. How did your first meeting happen? Here we tell you.

According to Salma Hayek, it all happened years ago, when she was at an event with her then boyfriend. In that place was the businessman Trump, who He was very attentive and chivalrous with the actress, that at that moment he thought they would have a good friendship.

“He was very kind apologetic to my boyfriend and was just lovely. Thereafter, He invited us to dinner, but the whole time he was talking with my boyfriend, he befriended him. He told us that if we ever went to New York, we would go to Atlantic City, stay at his hotel and he asked us for our phonesSalma told The Daily Show in 2017.

However, the protagonist of “Beatriz at Dinner” and “Frida” was surprised to realize his true intentions, because a short time later she received a call from Donald Trump in which he invited her out:

“And I told him: ‘What about my boyfriend? You know I have a boyfriend. He answered me: ‘He’s not good enough for you, it’s not important, you have to go out with me’“Added the native of Coatzacoalcos.

After the awkward moment, Hayek chose to cut ties with the businessman and she didn’t hear from him again until years later, when he ran for president of the United States.

Throughout the Trump campaign and presidency, The 55-year-old famous was in charge of dismissing the speech of intolerance towards Latinos, ensuring that instead of building walls, it was necessary to create bridges regardless of skin color or nationality.

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