This was the day that Vicente Fernández Jr. declared his love for Mara Patricia Castañeda

Mara Patricia Castañeda Y Vicente Fernandez Jr. They shared a passionate love story that until now, has been something to talk about on social networks, because after the death of Vicente Fernández on December 12, the journalist was the only one who managed to have exclusive coverage with the singer’s family, whom he interviewed and accompanied during the tribute to “Charro de Huentitán”.

Following the unfortunate event in which both met again after their divorce in 2015, The love story that the entertainment journalist once shared with Vicente Fernández Jr. resurfaced, a union that caused a stir in the media.

Vicente Fernández Jr. met the entertainment journalist through his father, when Mara Patricia used to interview the interpreter of Return Return. As reported by various specialized entertainment media, the son of “Chente” He always sought to have a relationship with the journalist every time he visited his father to interview him. The show host agreed to meet and date him after several weeks and soon after they began a romantic relationship.

PHOTO: Twitter
PHOTO: Twitter

It was in 2007, when the couple confirmed their relationship and a few months later, they decided to get married on December 15 in a ceremony attended by various political figures, as well as journalists and entertainment stars such as: Enrique Peña grandson, Gloria Trevi, Ana Gabriel, Verónica Castro, Eduardo Yañez and Talina Fernández, Joaquín López-Dóriga, Silvia Pinal, Lolita Ayala, as well as various members of the Fernández dynasty, including Doña Cuquita and Alejandro Fernández, as reported Formula Radio.

The wedding was one of the most covered media events of that year, so the public and followers of “Don Chente’s” son quickly became interested in the relationship between Mara Patricia and Vicente Fernández Jr.

The couple intended to procreate a child, however this was never possible, but Mara Patricia had a good relationship with the children of Vicente Fernández Jr., who had 4 children with his previous partner.

This was the wedding between Mara Patricia Castañeda and Vicente Jr. Photo: Televisa / Las estrellas
This was the wedding between Mara Patricia Castañeda and Vicente Jr. Photo: Televisa / Las estrellas

After almost 8 years of marriage, the legal team of Mara Patricia announced her divorce through a statement, which read: “I hereby inform you of the decision made jointly with Mr. Vicente Fernández Abarca to terminate the marriage relationship that united them ”.

Following the announcement of their separation, rumors of an alleged infidelity by Mara Patricia with the actor and singer Carlos rivera were present, as well as with Jorge Kahwagi, who at that time published in the magazine TVNotes, but these rumors were denied by the couple. Furthermore, both parties made it clear that they had finished on good terms and without grudges.

Currently, Vicente Fernández Jr. maintains a relationship with Mariana gonzalez, better known as the “Mexican Kim Kardashian“, with whom he will soon marry in 2022.

Vicente Fernández Jr and Mariana González spent a luxurious vacation
(Photo: Instagram / @ marianagp01)

In addition, Mariana González announced on multiple occasions that she plans to have children with the son of “El Charro de Huentitán”, since she likes large families, so they hope to have more than one baby.

Mara Patricia Castañeda has also been in a relationship with Iván Martínez, since 2017. In 2020, Iván proposed heritage to Mara Patricia on a trip that the couple made to Tulum and since then the couple has not limited themselves to showing their love .

“I am very happy, full, we are very similar (…) I am very happy with him and I hope we continue like this”Explained Mara Patricia during an interview with TvNotes, where he revealed details of his relationship with Iván.


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