This was the exclusive and costly Barbie-style birthday party of Mafer, Canelo’s daughter

The Barbie world was the theme of the party for the youngest daughter of the pugilist in which there was a supermarket, a beauty salon and even a store with merchandise to give to the guests.

In addition to being one of the best boxers of recent times, Canelo Alvarez is now known as the most spoiled dad to his daughters, giving the most elaborate and expensive birthday celebrations. Just a few months ago, the fighter went all out for his eldest daughter’s quinceañera, and last year he spared no expense to celebrate his youngest daughter with an incredible birthday party. This weekend, their daughter María Fernanda (Mafer) turned 5 years old, and her parents left everyone speechless again with a spectacular party.

The Barbie house put into place to celebrate Maria Fernanda's birthday
Photo: Instagram

This year the party’s theme was the iconic Barbie doll, and the truth is that the birthday looked like something out of a fairy tale. The decorators, Jaime Gonzalez and Alfonso Helfon, from Gonzalez + Helfon, were responsible for ensuring that every detail was perfect. They have been in charge of other parties, including the boxer’s wedding to model Fernanda Gómez.

Rooms were adorned in an authentic Barbie-style
Photo: Instagram

The little girl and her parents arrived in a pink limousine with several models dressed as Barbie. The little girl wore a beautiful multicolored dress that made her look like a princess, while her mom arrived in a silver dress with bangs. But the coolest thing is that the boxer dressed up as Ken to get to the place that looked like the real home of the legendary doll.

Barbie & Ken pink limousine for Canelo's daughter's birthday
Photo: Instagram

The place was decorated completely in pink with round tables with spectacular centerpieces, some in the shape of lamps and others with the giant B made with flowers. There was also a small beauty salon for the little ones and a supermarket with many Barbie-related items. There was also merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, and glasses for guests to take home.

The supermarket setup for Maria Fernanda
Photo: Instagram

Of course, there was a huge cake decorated according to the beautiful theme of the celebration, as well as a candy area full of different kinds of sweets, including cupcakes. In the center of the room was a big pink shoe, and disco balls hung from the ceiling. There were also giant doll boxes inside, which the guests could pose as Barbie and Ken. But we can’t deny that one of the coolest things was the display case with an impressive collection of Barbie dolls inside.

Guests at Canelo's youngest daughter's birthday party
Photo: Instagram

But that wasn’t all. The playground was full of mechanical games for the little ones, fun activities, and a huge piñata. According to the photos and videos, the little girl enjoyed her dream party to the fullest. Congratulations Beba!