This was the house that Vanessa Lyon enjoyed with her baby before separating from Carlos Calderón

vanessa lyonwho recently put an end to his relationship with the presenter Carlos Calderonis a regular on social networks, with which she came to show us how much she enjoyed being at home in the company of León, his little sonbut now – to her sadness – she has to limit herself to seeing him every 48 hours, which has greatly affected her.

Through various videos and photographs, the model allowed us to discover the most intimate places of the home that he shared with the owner of ‘Despierta América’ and with his babywho is about to complete his first year of life, unknown, until now, Yes will you stay in Florida or will you return to your life in Californiabut what is a fact is that he will never return to that house.


The kitchen was shown to us in a photo gallery for the four months of León.

Thanks to these materials we were able to realize that her room is equipped with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and a central island that works to prepare food.

lion’s bedroom

León’s bedroom has walls painted green and with vinyl of various trees, while his furniture, including his crib, is made of wood and painted in a light tone.


The garage showed him to us while he was performing one of his usual exercise routines in the company of his tender offspring.

Thanks to this material we were able to notice that he had a very complete gym at home, so he could exercise without having to go to a public gym, a club or a nearby park.

Swimming pool

The pool area was one of Vanessa’s favorites, as it was where León had his first contact with water.

The pool has its respective spa area, as well as a palapa, which became its best ally during the hot season.

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