This was the relationship of Poncho De Nigris with Irma Serrano ‘La Tigresa’

The actor and the vedette had an alleged love affair in 2000.

The popular reality show from the 2000s, Big Brother, marked a before and after in the lives of many celebrities just starting their careers, including Poncho de Nigris. The former contestant began to gain popularity among the Mexican public and became one of the competition’s favorites.

However, his fame was also because shortly after his exit from Big Brother, he was romantically linked to actress and singer Irma Serrano, better known as La Tigresa.

The relationship gave a lot to discuss, starting with the age difference since the singer is slightly over 40 years older than the host. Although it is said that there is no age for love, Poncho was accused on several occasions of allegedly using Irma Serrano to take advantage of his fame and money.

Poncho De Nigris (Photo: Instagram / @ ponchodenigris)
The man from Monterrey was accused of taking advantage of Irma Serrano’s fame and money (Photo: Instagram / @ ponchodenigris)

The rumors grew so much that even La Tigresa’s nephew, Luis Felipe García, accused the driver of allegedly stealing her material goods almost 20 years ago when they were having an affair.

He even challenged Luis Felipe García, the actress’ nephew, to put a microphone on Irma and ask her about him since he trusts she would deny such information.

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Poncho de Nigris also lashed out against Irma Serrano’s nephew and assured everyone that she was possibly being held captive in her house in Chiapas and that it was precisely the same Luis Felipe was taking advantage of his aunt’s situation.

“He took possession of her, a woman who was alone, and took advantage of her to keep her properties, I imagine, I don’t know if she still has money, but yes, I didn’t touch a single peso,” said De Nigris for the morning show Hoy.

The vedette’s nephew accused De Nigris of having dispossessed her of properties when they had a relationship in the mid-2000

The truth came to light when the driver confessed that the relationship began as a set-up. Irma Serrano was looking to make Pato Zambrano jealous, also a former Big Brother contestant with whom the model supposedly had a romantic relationship.

“It was her strategy. She got stuck with Pato and saw that it worked very well with the press. The other regiomontano entered, more gallant, and said, ‘This is where I’m from.’ She looked for me; I left Big Brother, and she looked for me,” said Poncho in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Even though it was all a media strategy carefully put together by the singer, Poncho de Nigris has confessed that he does not regret it and that he would even like to see her again to thank her and apologize for the statements he gave to the press about their relationship at the time.

“I would like to say goodbye to the lady now that she is still alive. If she sees me, I will hug her and say, ‘Thank you and sorry. I’m sorry because we were young and went too far in how we gave interviews and talked… she said I was her boyfriend, but we were never boyfriend and girlfriend. It was a publicity thing,” said De Nigris in the same interview.

nigris poncho
The driver confessed that the alleged relationship was a media montage that Irma Serrano planned to make “Pato” Zambrano jealous (Photo: Instagram / @ ponchodenigris)

Although their relationship was fake, the driver from Monterrey confessed to the program “Suelta la Sopa” that ddsaIrma Serrano tried to be intimate with him several times. However, he refused and pretended to be gay to not touch her.

“Once he did want to grab my hand, once he undressed. I told her that I liked men. I never kissed her, never kissed her on the mouth. I don’t like to tell lies. More than respecting her, I saw her with a grandmother because she was a big girl; imagine having sex with her. I was not going to enjoy it. I was not in love”, added Poncho De Nigris.