This was the return of Francisca Lachapel to ‘Despierta América’

This was the return of Francisca Lachapel to ‘Despierta América’

This is how Francisca Lachapel returned to ‘Despierta América’.

Photo: Despierta América / Univision

She promised to return as close to how she looked before pregnancy, and she delivered! This was the return of Francisca Lachapel to ‘Despierta América’.

As we told you and as she shared it in ‘Despierta América en Domingo’ when she was interviewed by Jackie Guerrido, this Thursday, September 30, Francisca returned to the ‘Happiest House on Hispanic television’ after almost 3 months, a day before of the birth of his son Gennaro.

In blue, with a short black leather skirt, showing legs, a silhouette more of a mamacita than a mother who has just given birth, Francisca entered to the rhythm of a merengue by Juan Luis Guerra and dancing with her companions Karla Martínez, Satcha Pretto, Raúl González, Alan Tacher and Carlos Calderón.

A little excited, with a lump in her throat and a mixture of feelings, the Dominican presenter began by saying: “I’m happy, but today is a difficult day because new moms have that little hole in their stomach when they have to separate from their little boy for the first time.“.

Pampered by her colleagues, especially by Karla, Alan and Satcha who have already lived this same experience and on more than one occasion, Francisca shared that she takes refuge in what she experienced as a daughter, when he saw his mother fighting so much for her and said: “Yesterday I saw him very calm with my mother and looking I said to myself: ‘What do I worry about if my mother was less than me, she had a worse time than me? … Then I’m going to do well too’… And it is not leaving it because I know it will be fine, it is the feeling of guilt that I am going to miss a smile ”.

Of course, in each participation Gennaro was part of the conversation or the presentation of the story, and when he usually wakes up, he greeted him from the TV.

As we told you, her mother, Doña Divina, traveled from Azúa, Dominican Republic, to Miami, where Francisca, Francesco Zampoga and Gennaro reside, to help her daughter in this stage. So, on Mommy’s first day at work, her grandmother is the one taking care of the baby.

In addition to this double feeling between happiness and anguish of not being with your baby for a few hours, as we told you at the beginning, Francisca, once again, fulfilled what she promised herself, to recover the figure you had before you got pregnant.

As it did? Train daily with Yasmany Rodríguez at some part of the day and in the mornings, her husband Francesco did it before returning. Several treatments are done in Dremaclinc as Venus Legacy, massages and carboxy therapy, and takes a special diet that he receives daily in the morning with the food you should eat throughout the day.

Of course, now she will have an extra affection, the breakfast that Chef Yisus Díaz will be making you every morning from today, who in addition to his partner in ‘Despierta América’, is a great friend of the family, and of her husband Francesco with whom he usually plays golf.



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