This will be the first Latina Merlina Addams; Tim Burton puts a spin on the character

Tim Burton is working on a new series Addams Family for Netflix, which will be starring flesh and blood actors for the first time in more than 20 years. And a character that has attracted attention is Merlin Addamswhich will be for the first time played by a Latin woman.

Merlina, also known as Wednesday, will be played by the young Jenna Ortega, the first Latin actress who will give life to this character, but this is not the only novelty that she brings, but this character will be somewhat different from those we have seen so far. now.

In “Wednesday”, the new series about Melina directed by Burton that will premiere on the streaming platform, she will be the only daughter of the Addams and she will no longer be a girl between 6 and 10 years old, as we have seen it in multiple representations so far, but rather she will have become a teenager.

Tim Burton’s New Merlin Addams

Jenna Ortega will give life to the character In the new version of Netflix, Merlina will no longer be a girl

Merlina will still maintain an obsession with knives and creepy things, but she will no longer be a little girl, but a rebellious teenager, and this is where the challenge of both the actress and the producers to maintain the essence of the character comes in.

“As she gets older, it’s hard not to make her look like any normal girl her age, with her bad attitude and sarcastic comments. The challenge is to establish her personality and give her the same fire without her becoming someone she’s not.” “Actress Jenna Ortega explained in statements to the EW portal.

At the moment no further details about the character have been revealed, for example if in the series we will see her with her famous braids or if her hairstyle and style will change, so we can only wait for the launch of the series.

How old is Merlin?

In the new version of Netflix, Merlina will no longer be a girl

In most productions the character of Merlina Addams is between 6 and 10 years old old. In the pilot episode of the series from the 1960s the character was six years old. But in Tim Burton’s new series for Netflix, the character will already be a teenager.

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