This will be the two XV year parties that Alicia Machado will do for her daughter

Alicia mentioned that she respects her daughter’s privacy (Photo: Instagram / @ machadooficial)

Alicia machado returned to the public eye after being on the reality show The home of the famous, which came out the winner. However, after being isolated from the world for several months, little by little the former Miss Universe has been recovering her daily life.

That is why, recently, he decided to reveal for The sun rises about the next celebrations that he will make for his daughter Dinorah, who is about to turn XV years old.

“I’m already preparing the quinceañera, I’m already preparing. She wants two parties, wants me to make her a classic quinceañera in Mexico because she is also half Mexican and there she has her family ”, the Venezuelan began to tell.

He added that it would be a very traditional moment and would include the well-known chamberlains, as well as the rituals that are carried out for this important date.

We have many very dear people in Mexico who are our familyThey are close friends who have also helped me in this process.

Dinorah, the daughter of Alicia Machado did not greet Roberto Romano in the final of the reality show (Photo: Instagram / @ machadooficial)

Machado revealed that she would like the mass to be in the Basilica of Guadalupe, since she is a devotee of the Virgin, and added that she does not know if Dinorah will invite the press that day.

“You imagine? if she wants, I never force her to do anything when she has wanted to go out to the media, she goes out. When he tells me, Mom, I don’t want you to take pictures of me or share what we do, I don’t. Because the famous one is me and that is something that one has to learn to respect the people around us, he explained.

Regarding the second event, he stressed that it was intended to take place in the United States, since his little girl also has a life there. In addition, he took the opportunity to tell that Dinorah has no intention of being an actress.

She really likes the subject of marine biology, she wants to specialize in sharks. I get half scientific, sometimes I get rebellious, but I make him see that these sacrifices, daughter, are for you to have a better education, for you to go to a better school, I spend time with you, “he said.

In this sense, she confessed that being a single mom has not been easy at all, but it is something that has left her many great lessons.

“I live with my daughter 24 hours a day and she is my priority. She from the day she was born and all my decisions, both professional and personal, since she was born are based on her. At least until I am 18 years old and I have custody and responsibility”He added.

Alicia machado
Alicia won the famous house (Photo: screenshot / Instagram)

Machado pointed out that, due to Dinorah’s adolescence, on occasions she has had to reject projects so as not to leave her alone.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of December, the former Miss Universe celebrated her 45th birthday with a photograph where she poses in front of the mirror half-naked several hours after its publication, the post has managed to circumvent the censorship that Instagram imposes on that type of content.

For the protagonist of melodramas like Hell in paradise, Until the money do us part or A lucky family The last few months have seen great changes in his life, both mental and physical, a sample of them is the slimmer and more toned body that he now shows more freely, according to the descriptions in his captions.


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