This will pay AMLO for having Los Tigres del Norte on September 15

This September 15 the Zocalo of the city of mexico will be attended by The Northern Tigerswho will liven up the night to celebrate the national holidays.

This caused a stir among Internet users because it is one of the most recognized and beloved Mexican bands in the country, so having them on the independence evening will be a delight.

However, many have wondered how much artists charge for a concert

How much do Los Tigres del Norte charge per concert?

As we inform you in AmericanPost.NewsLos Tigres del Norte will liven up the cry of independence, and although it has not been revealed how much they will charge, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, spokesman for the Presidency, reported that the group will not charge as usual.

“They are singers, they are going to charge, but not the same as they regularly charge, it will be less,” said Ramírez Cuevas at the National Palace.

However, according to infobae, the Chiefs of Chiefs charge between 160,000 and 211,000 dollars per presentation.

Said cost contemplates the payment of musicians, as well as personal production equipment that supports them in the realization of the show.

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Where do the Northern Tigers live?

It is common knowledge that the Northern Tigers live in San Jose, California, United States, However, his legacy Mocorito Sinaloa.

Well, it is the town where they were born and where the music that today has made them one of the best known and most loved groups in Mexico and the United States emerged.

It is in that community that today is a magical town where the houses that saw the Hernandez brothers Already Oscar Laura.

The Hernández house is located on a dirt road in the syndicate of purple Roseand it is on a fairly large lot, but it is only one story and is fenced by a white fence, although it is not currently owned by the artists.

While that of drummer Óscar Lara, who is one of the founding members who is still active, and his house continues to belong to his relatives.

The house is on the ranch The Nanchi and it is located in a field with many trees and one of them was where the members met to rehearse.

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