This would be the proof that Meghan Markle was in love with Prince William and not Harry

Meghan Markle she would have been in love with Prince William and not with her husband, Prince Harry.

This was revealed people who lived through college with Meghan in Evanston, Wyoming, the same ones with whom he shared a bedroom and They were able to notice details that showed their supposed love for William.

“Meghan had a poster of Prince William on her bedroom wall. I was in love with William, not Harry “Markle’s friends commented to the Intouch portal.

This statement would cast doubt on what the Duchess of Sussex said to Oprah Winfrey about that, before meeting Harry, he did not know anything about the royal family of the United Kingdom, since he assured that the Windsors had never been part of his life. However, she always had a plan to be part of them and dreamed of being a princess, according to these sources.

In fact, Meghan’s former colleagues recalled that she took a photo in front of Buckingham Palace as a teenager.

From a blind date, to being one of the most talked about and wanted couples in the entire world. Meghan Markle and the Prince harry They seem to have a love story straight out of a fairy tale, but in reality they have had to face all kinds of obstacles.

The romance that began between an American actress and a British prince has definitely not gone as the world envisioned it, and as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex part ways with the royal family, more details have been shared with the public.

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