This would be the real house Elon Musk moved to after getting rid of his mansions

The Wall Street Journal released the alleged mansion where the great Elon Musk lives after disposing of all his houses.

Photo: Theo Wargo / Getty Images

The South African Tycoon Elon musk, 50, had a very busy 2020, by making known his intentions to get rid of all his mansions, something he finally got just a few days ago.

Shortly after he announced the sale of his luxurious residences, the CEO of Tesla announced that he had decided to rent one humble $ 50,000 prefab home, located near the Space X spaceport, in the state of Texas.

Although for a long time he managed to deceive everyone about his place of residence, a few hours ago The Wall Street Journal would have revealed the whole truth.

According to the renowned newspaper, Elon Musk wouldn’t live where he led us to believe, but would actually share a roof with Ken Howery, a good friend of yours and a co-founder of PayPal.

This would be the inside of the supposed house in which Elon Musk (Zillow) would live
This would be the inside of the supposed house in which Elon Musk (Zillow) would live

The news caused such a stir that the former United States ambassador to Sweden immediately came out to show his face and assure that the CEO of Tesla did not live with him, although he acknowledged that for some time he did have him as his guest.

“Elon doesn’t live in my house, he lives in South Texas. He would occasionally stay at my house when I traveled to Austin, ”Howery recounted.

The property in question, for which Howery paid $ 12 million, in the year of 2018, is located in the city of Austin, in Texas and was built in 1987.

Account, according to the information, with an extension close to the 7,663 square feet, with six bedrooms, with six full bathrooms and one half bathroom.

It is completed by a hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, TV room, study, wine cellar, among other rooms.

Ken Howery’s mansion is extremely cute and cozy (Zillow)

Outside, in his lot of 1.53 acresIt has a terrace, green areas, a swimming pool with its respective spa area, a jacuzzi, a barbecue area, a dock, among other amenities.

In addition to attracting attention for its facilities, the house also does so for its location, being located on the banks of the Colorado River, as well as for its privacy and security.

To see more images of the alleged house that Elon Musk shares with a millionaire roommate, click here.

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