Thomas Tuchel does not hide his concern about Roman Abramovich’s situation at Chelsea

Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images

The Chelsea F.C. is in a very delicate moment and not because of football, but because its maximum president, Roman Abramovichmay be one of those harmed by Russia’s war attacks on Ukraine, since the name of the Russian tycoon was brought up by the parliament of United Kingdom despite not having received any sanctions so far.

In this way, the technician of the assembly “Blue” did not hide his concern about this inconvenience, because both he and his players could be greatly affected in the face of the upcoming commitments of League or Champions League.

“I think the situation is too big and no one can isolate themselves from it, it is about Europe, it is in Europe and we are part of Europe. We cannot put aside everything. I would love to exercise my right not to comment on this until a decision is made, but we are aware of it and it distracts us, it worries us.Thomas Tuchel told the media.

In the midst of all the problems between the two nations, the English club will face powerful Liverpool this Sunday Mohamed Salah and Sadio Manein the match corresponding to the final of the League Cup in the historic and shining Stadium of Wembley.

“Maybe people understand that I, as a coach. or the players, we have no idea what is really going on. At this time we do not feel responsible for all this. But we feel that it is horrible and that there can be no doubt about it.” the German added.

The unknown about the future of Abramovichjoins other sporting events between the great clubs of Europe as were the cases of Manchester United and Schalke 04; who decided to part with their Russian sponsors.

“There is no escape. We must not close the doors and now we focus on football. We still have the privilege of living in peace and freedom here where we are now.”The coach finished.

Despite everything that is happening on Ukrainian soil, the major European leagues have remained in each of their actions. While the Euroleague He has had to suspend several days in Russia. In the case of Chelseathey will have to wait momentarily what happens with their maximum agent.

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