Thousands of tomatoes spilled after a heavy truck accident

This Monday afternoon a strong accidentafter dozens of tomatoes were spilled by a truck wrecked on Interstate 80 between Sacramento and San Francisco, reports the California Highway Patrol. California.

According to reports, a large rig carrying tomatoes hit a center divider in Vacaville and spilled its load onto the highway, causing traffic to stop and passers-by to help pull out some slippery tomatoes. the asphalt.

150,000 tomatoes were scattered

Authorities advised motorists to find alternative routes as the pavement was totally impossible to speed up. The accident occurred around 5 am on Monday August 29 and also involved two other vehicles, fortunately there were no reports of injuries.

Later authorities gave the official report in which they pointed out that a large flatbed truck caused 150,000 tomatoes to be scattered along Interstate 80 in Vacaville, California. Passing vehicles ground them into a slippery red pulp.

Crews later cleaned up the eastbound lanes, which reopened six hours after the crash, but one westbound lane remained Monday afternoon due to the amount of tomatoes that were scattered.

According to the latest reports by local authorities, three people were hospitalized, including the truck driver, who suffered minor injuries, but was later released.

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