Threat at Disney, they arrest a man with a firearm and dozens of bullets

In addition to violating park rules, Lopez was found not to have a license to carry a concealed firearm.

Photo: DANIEL ROLAND/AFP/Getty Images

A tragedy haunted the Walt Disney World facilities in Orlando, after It was discovered that a Hispanic from South Florida was arrested after trying to gain access with a firearm, a knife and dozens of projectiles.

Aaron Josue Lopez, 35, was detained in a Disney Springs mall parking lot after a scanner at an access gate detected a suspicious objector, according to the arrest report provided Wednesday by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the police report, Lopez, of Royal Palm Beach, last May activated the metal detector while trying to enter Disney Springs and declared that he was carrying a knife, although, he said, he remembered that he had to return “something else” to his car.

Lopez’s return to his car worried the security guard, and an Orange County police officer along with a member of the Disney Springs cast stopped him to search his bag.

Police found not only a folding knife, but also a 9mm Glock pistol, two magazines and 48 rounds of ammunition while trying to enter Disney Springs. last month, according to an Orange County sheriff’s report released by Disney.

After conducting a criminal background check, agents discovered that Lopez did not have a license to carry a concealed firearm, in addition to the fact that the Disney parks are prohibited from accessing all types of weapons.

Lopez was booked into the Orange County Jail and charged with carrying a concealed firearm.

“It is extremely important that visitors remember that guns, or weapons of any kind, are strictly prohibited at Walt Disney World,” the website wrote upon learning of the arrest.

“While the state of Florida may allow people to walk around with a gun if they have the proper documentation, Disney is private property. That means Disney can make and enforce any rules they want, and they don’t allow weapons (including things like pepper spray) on any of their properties.”

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