Three cozy little towns that you can visit in Sinaloa the next school bridge

Sinaloa.- This coming May 27th, basic level students will not have classes and therefore they will have the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend, also known as “school bridge”.

For this reason we have brought for you three towns of Culiacan that you can visit during this rest period, and live a spectacular family experience.


Sanalona is one of the most important unions in the municipality of Culiacán, since the dam of the entity with the same name is located there.

This place is special for a family outing, since its territory is ideal for mountain biking or 4×4 vehicles.

This place is also wonderful for visitors since the union has the Sanalona Recreational Park, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and the gigantic reservoir of the dam. As well as taking a dip in the pool area of ​​the same park.


The syndicate of Imala is another of the towns that you can visit on this next school weekend, because due to its proximity to the municipal seat, it is ideal for making the trip by bicycle or all-terrain vehicle.

Imala is one of the most important tourist centers of the municipality since for some years it has become a great attraction for the entity, especially for its spa that has a pool of thermal waters.

In this place you can also enjoy the tranquility of the town, because during your visit you can relax on the benches in the square and enjoy the dishes and sandwiches that are offered in some establishments.


Tacuichamona is another of the towns that you can visit, since it is located at the foot of the Sierra Madre Occidental and stands out for being one of the regions that still preserves that ancestral mysticism because in some areas indigenous engravings and petroglyphs that tell the story are still preserved. of the ancient settlers.

This place, due to its low agricultural activity, has recently had an important increase in tourism, since various spaces have been developed for those who wish to spend a pleasant moment.

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Tacuichamona has small restaurants, shops and cabins and is also in one of the first towns in the entity that has its own ecological reserve.

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