Three Google Calendar Tricks You Should Use to Effortlessly Be More Organized

Google Calendar can be integrated with other Google applications to offer a better user experience

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The suite of services Google offers users a host of tools designed to make your life easier. One of them is Google Calendaran app that allows you to control the schedule of both work and personal activities easily and quickly.

Despite being used by millions of people daily, very few of them know all the features offered by this app and how useful it can be to organize the activities to be carried out during a day.

Here are three tricks that can be extremely useful when using Google Calendar:

1. Multiple calendars

One of the most interesting aspects of Google Calendar is the fact that users can create multiple calendars within the app to separate certain types of activities from each other.

An example of this may be that the user creates two different calendars to separate their work activities and those that they carry out with their family, or that have a more personal nature. After doing this, the user can choose to configure the app so that both calendars are displayed simultaneously, or so that only one of them can be seen on the screen.

2. Share events

Because it is a digital calendar, users have the possibility of being able to create an event in their personal account and later share it with those people they want. For this, it is only necessary to enter the email of the guests.

After doing this, the people in question will receive an email notifying them about the invitation.

The mail will also offer them the option that the person in question can answer whether or not they will attend the scheduled event, so that the organizer can know their situation.

3. Integration with Gmail

Because Google Calendar is an application that is part of the Google suite, it has the possibility of integrating with other company applications such as Gmail. It is because of that users can create events in their Google Calendar account directly in Gmail.

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