Three injured and hundreds displaced after explosion in a Colorado apartment

The Red Cross is coordinating a temporary shelter for 300 to 400 displaced residents – Photo: Aurora Fire Rescue/Courtesy.

Firefighters were dispatched to an apartment complex in Aurora, Colorado, due to smoke in a building following an explosion that left three people injured and hundreds displaced. temporarily on Saturday morning, authorities said.

According to footage released by Aurora Fire Rescue, a gaping hole was shown in the fourth floor of the building and debris on the street, FOX 31 Denver reported.

Residents said the cause of the explosion was not immediately clear, but they sensed it due to the smoke and strange smells.

“I start to smell something. I start to see a little bit of (wisps) of smoke coming out,” Phillip Oransky, a building resident, told FOX 31 Denver.

“I wonder what is the safe distance to look at a fire. The next thing I know, I just hear a pop. I see debris flying, there are people lined up against Cheba Hut. The first thing I can think of is: it’s not the safe distance,” Oransky said.

Xerek Segura, another resident of the complex, also told the medium mentioned above how he experienced the outbreak: “I just ran out as soon as I heard the explosion.”

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Meanwhile, the American Red Cross is coordinating temporary shelters for 300 to 400 residents who were displaced while the Aurora Fire Department investigates the cause of the explosion.

One victim had to be transported to Aurora Medical Center, while two injured people were classified as “green patients,” meaning they did not suffer serious injuries.