Three magical towns to travel by car from Sinaloa this Easter

Sinaloa.- The most awaited vacation season of the whole year is approaching; the Holy Week, the ideal days to rest, have fun and venture without worries. One of the most famous plans is organize a small trip to a nearby destination and without so many complicationsso we tell you about the magical towns of Sinaloa that you can visit traveling by car.

Around all of Mexico you can highlight different Magical Towns to know, ideal destinations to explore the nature of the country, its culture, traditions and gastronomy but, without a doubt, one of the favorites of travelers are those found in the state of Sinaloa, which offer magical adventures and wonderful vacations that you can’t miss.

There are four Magical Towns in the state of Sinaloa, destinations with different attractions to enjoy and adventures to discover. Cosalá, El Fuerte, Mocorito and El Rosario are the Magical Towns of Sinaloa, Mexico, unmissable places with a great deal of cultural and natural wealth, traditions, customs, gastronomy for great delight and inhabitants who welcome their visitors with open arms.

The Magical Towns of Sinaloa to visit by car

The Magical Town of Cosala, Sinaloa

One of the most outstanding Magical Towns in the state of Sinaloa is Cosalá, a destination located in the Sierra Madre Oriental and perfect to get away from everything stressful in the big city. Its cobblestone streets, colorful houses, historic buildings, local art spaces, nature and multiple legends about ghosts manage to captivate any traveler, without neglecting its exquisite cuisine, which manages to amaze through the palate with dishes such as machaca with vegetables, tamales, regional stews, chorizo, its famous cheeses, breads, empanadas, fruit preserves, dulce de leche, traditional sweets and much more that you should not miss the opportunity to try.

What to do in Cosala? One of the main tourist attractions in Cosalá is the Minera de Nuestra Señora Ecological Reserve, a space to enjoy nature and live unique adventures, where the second longest zip line in all of Mexico is located. You can also walk its cobbled streets and explore its emblematic buildings such as the Mining and History Museum, the Plaza de Armas or the Santa Úrsula Parish. Ideal for vacations are its hot springs or the well-known Vado Hondo, where you can practice different sports in nature such as hiking, and learn more about the flora and fauna.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Cosalá in Sinaloa, a magical town that is easily reached by car

The Magic Town of El Fuerte, Sinaloa

For lovers of culture, history and nature, El Fuerte, in Sinaloa, is the best option, it is a Magical Town of indigenous heritage that manages to captivate all its visitors. An iron kiosk is located in the town square and the House of Culture is nearby, as well as important buildings and constructions, ideal for learning more about its past. In addition, it is the place where you can board the famous El Chepe Train, the most important railway in all of Mexico.

What to do in El Fuerte? You can tour its natural wealth in its different paradisiacal spaces, learn more about culture through its impressive buildings such as the House of Culture, the Fort Museum and the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to name a few. In addition, you will be able to board El Chepe and live the experience of traveling by train while enjoying impressive landscapes, without neglecting its exquisite gastronomy, where typical dishes such as cocido, colachi, chilorio, machaca, caldillo, picadillo, el rice, toast, fried tacos, cheeses, menudo, pozole, tamales, meat broth, barbecue and much more.

El Fuerte is one of the magical towns of Sinaloa that you can visit and live an unforgettable experience

The Magic Town of Mocorito, Sinaloa

Mocorito is also known as La Atenea de Sinaloa. Why? For all the beauty it has to offer its visitors, the perfect place to enjoy a well-deserved vacation and explore each of its magical corners that everyone invites you to discover. An outstanding place, and somewhat strange for many, is its famous pantheon, which has unmissable architectural beauties.

What to do in Mocorito? If you are a gastronomy lover you have to try the dishes that Mocorito has to offer, where you can highlight delicacies such as chilorio, chorizo, machaca, pigeons and sweets made in an artisanal way such as jamoncillos, dulce de leche and many more. But if your thing is to get to know historical corners full of art, you can go to the Plaza Rafael Buelna and see its surroundings, without missing the opportunity to admire the Mocorito Ateneo Sinaloense mural, which was made with thousands of small mosaics and tells the story. of the municipality, its traditions and its most important festivities. Unmissable!

Mocorito is one of the most visited magical towns in the state of Sinaloa

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