Three not-so-known islands in Sinaloa to visit the next school bridge

Sinaloa.- These days The school bridge of the month of May is approaching of the current year, join us on this tour of several of the islands that are not so visited but that are home to endless attractions to enjoy these days with friends or family.

While it is true In the state of Sinaloa there are various islands and islets where you can find a great variety of flora and fauna, access to tourism is restricted and only some are enabled for visits. Of these, some of the least known are the three islands in Mazatlan. Here we tell you what its attractions are.

These islands are visible from the port of Mazatlán, a city that in addition to its tourist activity dedicated to gastronomy or nightlife, offers guided tours for Get to know in depth the natural wealth of the state of Sinaloa.

The islands in question bear the names “Isla Pajaros, Isla de Venados and Isla de Lobos”. Starting in 1991, his status as a Ecological Reserve and Refuge Area for migratory birds and marine species.

Isla Venados can be accessed by boat and the main activity that takes place there is diving.

Another of our recommendations is Macapule Island and San Ignacio Island which are characterized by their amazing sand dunes, ideal for endless walks in the midst of great tranquility.

Although visits to these two islands are more attractive for the ecotourismin the Bay of Nachaviste, the traditional Nachavista International Festival that brings together curious people, creators and artists from all over the world.

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Other unmissable islands in Sinaloa

Farallón Island is a destination reserved for those lovers of nature observation. It is a rocky mound that stands in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

It is located approximately 27 kilometers from the port of Topolobampo and on its rocks it is possible to observe resting mammals such as seals and sea lions, as well as birds from the region.

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