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  • Proud, successful and happy, that’s how Jhonny Caz describes himself.

Brother Eduin Caz message. Jhonny Caz, who is the third voice of Grupo Firme and brother of Eduin Caz a little over a year ago, declared himself openly gay after the cover and video of “Enloquéceme” came out, where Jhonny falls in love with a man for what doubts among the followers of the Tijuana group began to arise.

Perfect target to be criticized and attacked through social networks, as there is no shortage of people who make hurtful comments towards public figures who share a ‘little piece’ of their personal life with those who are their followers, but for Jhonny Caz it is not so serious.

Without mincing words! Without any regret, Jhonny Caz is happy about his homosexuality

Photo: Instagram

Remembering the way in which Jhonny openly declared himself gay and said that it was normal for him because his friends, family and people close to him have always known it, shows the great security he has in himself despite the obstacles of life And as if that were not enough, this was applauded and recognized by the followers of Grupo Firme.

It should be noted that not all people have the same opinion towards Jhonny because there are so many Internet users who suffer from homophobia which causes Jhonny Caz to be attacked through social networks when only he tries to be happy and live his life to the fullest.

Jhonny Caz’s post that has caused great controversy. Brother Eduin Caz message.

Brother Eduin Caz message
Photo: Instagram

Around half a year a publication circulated that caused great euphoria on Jhonny Caz’s personal Instagram account, because through this post who is the third voice of Grupo Firme expressed how he feels about his sexual preference responding to many haters who attacked him after reveal your homosexuality.

“Who says that you have to follow the standards, how” beautiful “what seems good to people? Look at me with my skin of color, dark, very tight, homosexual, gay, jotisimo and that is how I am PROUD, SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY #mesdelorgullo #pielmorena #poderprieto #loveislove “, were the words of Jhonny.

Eduin Caz’s brother suffers discrimination on Instagram

Brother Eduin Caz message
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After making the publication, Jhonny began to receive thousands of comments, among which there were good as well as other very hurtful towards the person of Jhonny, because as we mentioned earlier, the world of the web is full of millions of people and a certain percentage suffers from homophobia.

Regardless of people’s comments, who is the third voice of Grupo Firme continues to enjoy his courtship and his great decision regarding his sexual preferences. “Ricky Martin is to blame for having upset the hen house”, “Poor thing”, “Don’t stain that disgusting”, “The world is going to end, even in group groups there is this” it reads. Filed Under: Brother Eduin Caz Message

Jhonny Caz is crossed out for being a toxic boyfriend

Jhonny Caz is crossed out for being a toxic boyfriend
Photo: Instagram

Jhonny has shared certain details of his personal life even on occasion he spoke about his boyfriend, this time Eduin Caz’s brother revealed to be toxic with his partner. Everything was through a video on Tik Tok where the member of Grupo Firme joined a new trend where just with a glance he shows how he tells his partner that he is in trouble.

And it is that on more than one occasion Jhonny has revealed that if someone in his love relationship is toxic, it is him because his partner is very attractive physically and also has a lot of vision for the future, something that he loves, that he has never revealed the name of the man who has him so in love.

The news of the year, Eduin Caz’s brother got engaged

The news of the year
Photo: Instagram

Eduin Caz’s brother, also a member of Grupo Firme, Jhonny Caz, received a surprise in full concert from his partner when he asked her to marry him in the middle of the show. Before the shouts of celebration from his fans, the young man accepted the proposal, living a magical and romantic moment on stage with his bandmates.

The proposal was made from Madison Square Garden in New York, where Grupo Firme had a concert that was ‘Sold Out’ on Friday night. Through Instagram, Jhonny shared the videos that were recorded by his fans of the emotional moment, showing off his engagement ring. Filed Under: Brother Eduin Caz Message

We tell you who is Jhonny Caz’s fiancé

We tell you who is Jhonny Caz's fiancé
Photo: Instagram

This is Jonathan Bencomo, 29, originally from Chihuahua, Chihuahua with whom he has had a romantic relationship for five years. Apparently, Jhonny Caz and Jonathan Bencomo have known each other for a long time, this according to a publication of the singer on his Instagram.

Although the couple does not have many publications together, they can be seen very much in love and they like to live the adventure and take several trips through magical towns in Mexico. In addition, it is seen that they like to spread romanticism on the network, since Jhonny Caz and Jonathan Bencomo, do not restrict themselves to express their love, since both do not hesitate to comment on their posts with tender messages.

We relive the emotional moment in which the proposal was made to Jhonny Caz

We relive the emotional moment
Photo: Instagram

Jhonny Caz’s boyfriend prepared the surprise in advance, since during the moment photographs of the two were seen on the stage screens. In addition, Jonathan Bencomo took advantage of one of the most romantic songs of the group. “However tonight, fears and nerves are not as strong as the love I feel for you”, Jonathan said before kneeling down and offering an engagement ring to Jhonny Caz.

After saying yes, Grupo Firme resumed the song that had started. “I would give you a whole life if I am born again. And if I could I would put the whole world at your feet “ Eduin Cázares was heard interpreting El mundo a tus pies, the group’s musical success launched in 2019. An entertainment magazine reported.

The emotional words that Eduin Caz addressed to his brother

emotional words
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Brother Eduin Caz message. “You are my brother, we have always loved you the same, not because you are gay we are not going to love you. I wanted you to clarify for people so that their ideas are not made because here we love you as you are and since you joined Grupo Firme, you have been received with ‘open arms’ “Eduin said.

And there is nothing better than the acceptance of the family, there will always be people who will talk about more and other people who at all times will attack the personal lives of artists and even if they are not artists. Society has changed little by little but despite the fact that homosexuality has been normalized there are still people who believe that it is the devil’s thing.

Jhonny Caz and his partner waste honey on social networks. Brother Eduin Caz message

Jhonny Caz and his partner waste honey on social networks
Photo: Instagram

The couple constantly show their love on social media and celebrate some of the biggest holidays of the year together. An example of this was the recent Day of the Dead and Halloween. The regional singer has not been afraid to show his sexual preferences. With strength he wrote on his profile.

For many of his followers, it is quite tender that they share photographs together on their social networks, because that way their fans are aware of the relationship of the member of Grupo Firme and Jonathan Bencomo. In this way, fans feel close to the current couple who are in trend.

Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme pay tribute to fan ashes during concert

Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme pay tribute to fan ashes during concert
Photo: Instagram

According to a group music program, it was reported that the band of the moment proved again because it is one of the most loved by millions of fans. A video recently went viral in which Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme paid a tribute to the ashes of a fan during a concert; the family decided to bring the urn so that he could fulfill one of his greatest dreams in life.

These events occurred moments before Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme went on stage, so the family approached the locker room to explain the situation that the fan experienced. The family told the band that their relative was a big fan and that one of his dreams was to sing with them; Unfortunately, he died a few days before the concert for which he had already bought his ticket.

Grupo Firme becomes deeply involved in controversy after waving the Mexican flag with LGBT colors

Grupo Firme becomes deeply involved in controversy after waving the Mexican flag with LGBT colors
Photo: Screenshot YouTube

The event occurred during a Grupo Firme presentation, at the time that Johnny’s vocalist and brother, Eduin Caz, sings the song “I’m having a hard time.” However, according to the recordings, the group was not the one who carried the flag, but someone from the public.

After the dissemination of the material, there were homophobes on social networks who attacked the group and even threatened to denounce them for modifying the country’s flag. This despite the fact that the concert took place in the United States. It may be that the aggressors turned out to be Mexican and therefore the cause of rage. Filed Under: Brother Eduin Caz Message.

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