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  • They reveal how the actress is
  • The family published a medical report
  • “The surgical intervention was carried out without any complications,” they reported

DID THE OPERATION COME WELL? According to the information published by the family, the actress Carmen Salinas underwent a surgical intervention from which she came out surprisingly well. In the medical report that was released, they mentioned that he had a tracheostomy and gastrostomy, which was a success.

So far, the actress and producer remains stable although she still does not react. The family mentioned that they are grateful for the affection they show through the messages they send them through social networks and they assured that they will continue to ask for Carmelita to improve quickly.


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Through social networks, the family of the first actress mentioned that she underwent a surgical intervention that was without complications. According to the information they shared, the producer of ‘Aventurera’ underwent a tracheostomy and gastrostomy that were successful; In addition, they thanked the public for the affection offered by each mention of the state of health.

“To the general public and the media. We share that today the first actress Carmen Salinas had a successful tracheostomy and gastrostomy. The surgical intervention was carried out without any complications. and she is stable, within the gravity that her condition implies. We appreciate your messages and ask that you continue to pray for his speedy recovery. Yours sincerely, Salinas Lozano Family ”, mentions the press release that they released.

Carmen Salinas medical report: Why was she operated on?

Carmen Salinas health
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Since Carmen Salinas is hospitalized, the attention to the media has been the one that the actress always provides the reporters and very attentive, her grandchildren Carmen Plascencia and her nephew Gustavo Briones, indicated the new measures to follow in the effort to move forward the health of the comedian.

There are two operations that the doctors will perform on the 82-year-old actress, which will be quite delicate given the condition in which the body of Carmen Salinas is found, however, they are vital for her to get out of the coma and receive the treatments in the most effective way that they perform. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Medical Part

Carmen Salinas medical report: Is it important for your health?

Carmen Salinas operations

The doctors recommended to the relatives of Carmen Salinas to clean the actress’s body of phlegm, and improve the feeding procedures, which will only be possible with a tracheostomy and a gastrostomy, delicate operations that will be carried out in the coming days.

Today, Tuesday, the first surgical intervention will be carried out, the tracheostomy and will leave space for two more days for recovery and later, on Thursday, perform a gastrostomy, although the family assured that they do not represent much risk, the danger continues for Carmen Salinas. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Medical Part

Carmen Salinas medical report: The actress continues to struggle between life and death

The actress will undergo two operations

The main reasons why Carmen Salinas will undergo two operations is apart from cleaning the phlegm, a better diet and the risk she has of suffering infections in her body: “We are going to start with the processes that are followed, which is the tracheostomy. , which will be done tomorrow, and on Thursday they will do the gastrostomy. So it is not serious, they are the steps to follow ”, the granddaughter began by saying.

“Intubation hurts the vocal cords and lips. She is at risk of infections ”, were the statements given by the relatives of Carmen Salinas who fight for the hope that the actress will recover and come out of the coma and then be rehabilitated with the consequences that would remain. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Medical Part

Carmen Salinas medical report: Her health still causes alarm, but her body begins to move

Carmen Salinas health operations

The health of the 82-year-old actress is delicate, but an important hope is that the doctors assured that her organs are in good condition and working perfectly, in addition to the fact that it was reported that her body is already moving as part of the reflection of the actions of the treatments to which it is subjected.

Another thing that the family members commented is that the cerebral hemorrhage that prostrates her to a bed is decreasing, according to a recent CT scan, in addition to the fact that her situation continues as ‘stable’ which at the moment is something positive for her recovery . Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Medical Part

Carmen Salinas medical report: Does she cry out to be allowed to rest in peace?

Carmen Salinas health operations

Carmen Salinas continues to fight for her life in a coma after the cerebral hemorrhage that has her hospitalized and for which the show and her family have been asking for her to recover and save herself from death, however, a psychic and medium ‘contacted her’ and revealed what the actress wants.

They don’t let her rest in peace and she wants to die? The show program ‘Live Gossip’ hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain presented alarming information with a psychic named Dr. Rob Sissna, who has made previous ‘contacts’ with the souls or spirits of famous people recently deceased, and with everything and that Carmen Salinas is still alive, she was able to establish a ‘connection’ with the actress who supposedly sent her a message. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Medical Part

Do you want to die? Psychic reveals surprising news

Carmen Salinas 'in limbo'
Instagram: Live Gossip

And it is that, in the program ‘Live Gossip’, an interview was presented with the medium and psychic Dr. Rob Sissna about what apparently Carmen Salinas thinks in the midst of what is happening to her, her coma, her will to live , unfinished business and the relationship he has with his family, so he did not hesitate to send a powerful message.

“She is in limbo”, was the first thing that the psychic said in an alarming way about what is currently happening with Carmen Salinas who has been hospitalized for more than a week fighting to wake up from a coma caused by a cerebral hemorrhage that promises it. worse.

“Soon he is going to die”, the psychic was forceful about the health of Carmen Salinas

Dr Rob, medium, contacts Carmen Salinas in a coma

“She is not entirely in heaven but she is not in her body either, but I think she is going to die soon,” Dr. Rob Sessna is heard saying about the current ‘spiritual’ state of Carmen Salinas who is prostrate in a bed of hospital being treated by medical experts to save her life.

“Do you see her completely leaving this world?”, Was the question of the reporter of ‘Live Gossip’ to which the medium did not hesitate to answer affirmatively: “She is being held only by medicine, by doctors, by machines But she really doesn’t belong here anymore, ”Dr. Rob stated.

The actress wants to rest and be allowed to die, according to the medium

The actress asks to be allowed to rest

In the words of the psychic, the Mexican actress wants to rest in peace, but certain ‘people’ do not let her: “She just said the word ‘people’, I don’t want to add and say family but she says that people are trying to stop her here . I don’t think it’s just his family, there are other factors involved here, “he said.

But is it that Carmen Salinas is anxious about leaving unfinished business? For Dr Rob Sissna, that could be true: “She says she’s trying to change things from what she wanted to get what they want. Being on that side of limbo, I was able to communicate with her as if she were in the spirit world and she is speaking extremely fast, ”said the seer.

The actress is frustrated because they don’t let her go to a better world

Dr Rob Sissna contacts Carmen Salinas

“She is very agitated, very frustrated, she said why don’t they let me go? Why are they holding me here? She is ready to go, the stroke is not her only problem, she was in pain in recent months, her body has been wrapped in pain, she begs him to stop holding her hostage, “clarifying that Carmen Salinas wants to be allowed to die .

Dr. Rob Sessna, shared the message that the legendary actress has for her family: “It is more than her time to go, she is begging you to do the right thing, as she is always taking care of everyone else and has always been so generous. and in the end here they are being greedy because it is not free. Letting her go is all I could say, ”said the doctor.

Carmen Salinas would die in a period of 3 to 4 weeks

The actress is torn between life and death

To the above, Dr. Rob Sessna alarmed with the date on which Carmen Salinas will depart to certain death, because in case her family ‘does the right thing’, the actress will finally be able to rest in peace: “She will leave the other side within the next 3 or 4 weeks, if they do the right thing, “he concluded.

People’s comments regarding the psychic’s words appeared: “Well, he who does not like what he says he does not see but what he is certified 100% of is true because even the FBI uses it to solve very confusing cases”, ” I do believe, if that is your wish, rest in Paz Carmen Salinas “,” Wow how strong only GOD knows him to be the glory “,” Wow !!!! … I am skeptical, but his words feel logical “,” He says 3 to 4 weeks if the family does the right thing, if they do not keep lengthening the time ”. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT THE MEDIUM SAID

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