Tigres fans outraged by the appearance of Piojo Herrera in a comedy program after the scandal of the improper alignment

Photo: Agustin Cuevas/Getty Images

Tigres has just been eliminated from the Liguilla in Mexico by Atlas and as if that were not enough, Piojo Herrera has been singled out for the use of improper alignment. This whole issue has caused a stir within Mexican soccer and its fans, who have already been strongly criticizing the renowned coach who directs one of the expensive payrolls in Liga MX.

After the game against Atlas, the Piojo appeared on TV in a comedy show wearing a straitjacket, reviewed the Mediotiempo portal. The program is called Perdiendo el Juicio and is broadcast by Televisa México and it is there that the renowned coach could be seen.

The Piojo Herrera and an uncontrolled temper

The program’s script made Piojo Herrera appear on the small screen in a straitjacket, to honor his well-known uncontrolled temper on and off the bench. “We are accusing him of being a man with an uncontrolled temper,” Alexis Ayala exclaimed to Piojo Herrera.

Faced with this situation, Herrera kept joking: “A little Erika Buenfil is my prosecutor”, moments in which the actor wore a blonde woman’s wig.

Phrases like “I didn’t put a hand on anyone in that fight” or “his mother’s son” made the moment even more comical and much more when one of the actors referred to Piojo as “Pablo Marmol”, one of the well-known characters from The Flintstones.

However, the program gave many jokes, including a mention by the still coach of Tigres about Mhoni Vidente in reference to Alexis Ayala due to the blonde wig he was wearing: “That’s what a friend said and now they call him Mhoni Vidente”, joked the Piojo .

It should be noted how funny the program was, in which the exporter Moisés Muñoz also participatedwho joked that they always went out to win because they were afraid of Piojo Herrera.

They do not forgive the louse

Without taking into account that the program was recorded two months ago, the Tigres fan was critical of the Piojo through social networks and they criticized him for what they consider the coach to give more importance to extra-sports aspects.

It remains to be seen what will happen, various media assure that Tigres will fire Miguel Herrera due to the elimination and the embarrassing moment of the improper alignment. The DT failed again in his attempt to lift a trophy with Tigres and this may have been his last chance.

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