Tigres is still unable to win and the fans put Miguel Herrera on the tightrope

Tigres is still unable to win and the fans put Miguel Herrera on the tightrope

The “Louse Out” has become a trend in recent days.

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UANL Tigers do not raise their heads. The Mexican team is having a terrible start and the ghosts of Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti begin to appear. The Feline set rescued a 1-1 draw against Puebla and already has four consecutive games without knowing the victory. Miguel Herrera is one of the main players, but he is confident that he can change his course in Liga MX.

An offensive team that so far has not been seen, that is one of the criticisms of the promises of “El Piojo”. But nevertheless, the results have not been with them. The Mexican team was humiliated in the Leagues Cup after their 3-0 loss to the Seattle Sounders. His elimination in this international tournament increased the murmurs in relation to the management of the Aztec.

The results are not reaching the Tigres bench. The last draw with Puebla represents the fourth consecutive game without knowing the victory. In Herrera’s very short stay in the team, of the five games played he has barely won one.

Under these circumstances the “Piojo out” of social networks is increasingly notorious. Tigres fans want results. The Felino team has been one of the most winning clubs of the last decade and today they are in difficult times. Although “El Piojo” needs time to adapt and acclimatise to his pieces, patience seems to be a virtue that is not included among the traits of the club’s supporters.

Casualties of Tigres that affect Miguel Herrera

On the scale it is necessary to place the important absences in the team. In the first instance, “El Piojo” has not had the opportunity to have the full roster. Some of his players were in the Gold Cup, while others participated in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. An example of this was the match for the Leagues Cup in which he was thrashed. In that meeting, Tigres had the absence of “Chaka” Rodríguez, Carlos Salcedo, Nahuel Guzmán and André Pierre Gignac.

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