Tik Tok star Timbo the Redneck dies, crushed by truck

  • Tik Tok star Timbo the Redneck dies
  • Timothy Isaiah Hall was just 18 years old
  • He was crushed by his truck in the backyard of his house

The famous Tik Tok star, Timothy Isaiah Hall, better known as Timbo the Redneck, dies in a tragic way, as police authorities report that the young man was crushed by his truck, according to the news portals of The Sun and New York Post.

Timothy Isaiah Hall was only 18 years old, however, some media indicate that he was 30 years old, but the reality is that he graduated from high school just last May, information that appears on his social networks.


Tik Tok star dies
Photo Twitter

It was his mother who announced that the famous young man died from a car accident and now they face mourning for his departure. This death has left his followers (more than 200 thousand) with deep sadness.

The young man stood out on social networks for the publication of his funny videos and managed to obtain more than 2.5 million likes, and died doing what he likes the most: Making “donuts” in his front yard on Saturday, when his truck, Called “Big Booty Judy,” she turned around, threw him, and fell on top of him.

Tik Tok star dies: “MY HEART IS BROKEN”

Timbo the Redneck
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The young man’s mother used her son’s social network to deliver the terrible news and said that he died in a “serious accident.” He added: “It won’t make any more videos, no more videos at all. My son had a serious accident yesterday and he didn’t make it. I want to thank everyone, for all the fans he had. He loved TikTok and he just believed in all the fans, everyone who supported him, it meant a lot to him. “

But it was not there, the woman burst into tears and said that “my heart is so broken.” His brother-in-law confirmed that Timbo the Redneck was practicing a pirouette in his truck, when at one point everything went wrong and with the tragic result.

Tik Tok Star Dies: HOW DID HE DIE?

Crushed troca
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Brother-in-law Tony wrote in a separate post on his social networks: “He died this Saturday in a truck accident with his girlfriend, Kori, in the front yard of his friend Jay’s house. I was making donuts in the front yard of JD’s house. “

The man recounted how the road accident happened and in his words explained: “The truck just rolled over and flew out the driver’s side window and the truck landed on top of him.” At the time of the mishap, the Tiktoker’s girlfriend was there, but it is unknown if she is injured. To see the video of the mother’s announcement, click here.


Tik Tok star dies
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The mother, in a distressed way, gave the terrible announcement of what happened: “He will make no more videos, no more videos at all.” Both on Tik Tok and on Instagram, the young man published videos of his exploits in the black truck, of the GMC brand.

Due to these videos, the young man became famous on social networks and was gaining more and more public and sometimes invited friends or family. The news of his death has shaken the world of social networks for the unfortunate. To see a video of one of his previous stunts, click here. Filed Under: Tik Tok Star Dies


Timothy Isaiah Hall
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Some media such as the NYP tried to communicate with the family of the deceased, however, some of them disconnected their telephone lines, which made it impossible to know their version first-hand.

In one of his introduction messages on Instagram, the young man had written the following: “Live life to the fullest”, reads Timbo’s biography on Instagram. “I hope my life makes everyone laugh.” They were one of his famous phrases. To see the brother-in-law’s video, click here. Filed Under: Tik Tok Star Dies

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