TikTok star Mixy Padilla’s fatal encounter with the Gulf Cartel and the Mexican Army

Unraveling Mixy Padilla's story: her rise to TikTok stardom, dangerous liaisons with the Gulf Cartel, and ultimate tragic fate amid Mexico's relentless drug war.

In the world of drug trafficking, fame can be ephemeral and dangerous. Mixy Padilla found that out in the most brutal way possible, becoming one more victim of the violence plaguing Mexico due to the drug war. In April 2022, Mixy became famous not only for being a TikToker with more than 10,000 followers on the social network but also for being caught in a confrontation between hitmen of the Gulf Cartel and members of the Army.

In the video published by different media outlets, audio was played at the moment when Mixi was in agony during the outcome of the confrontation between the two sides. One of the hitmen radioed one of the regional heads of the Gulf Cartel to report the attack.

They are killing us, they are killing us, here they are. They are killing us, boss, my comrades,” while a woman is heard dying after the attack in the background. It is believed to be Mixy Padilla before she passed away.

Mixy recorded herself on TikTok before being killed.

It is important to note that the use of social networks by drug traffickers is not a new phenomenon. Drug cartels have used social networks and technology to promote their image and recruit new members.

In the case of Mixy Padilla, her presence on TikTok and other social media appears to have been a way to brag about her life as a hitwoman. However, this type of behavior may also be a way to attract the attention of authorities and cartel rivals.

The young woman, who used the social network to brag about being a hitwoman, appeared in several videos to be singing narcocorridos aboard a pickup truck while on her way to conduct business related to drug trafficking. Mixy Padilla was romantically involved with “Tilín,” the Gulf Cartel criminal cell leader known as”Los Tilines.”

According to the videos that have been released, the young woman bore tattoos depicting Santa Muerte, a figure venerated by some people in Mexico and often linked to criminal activities such as drug trafficking.

In addition, it can also be seen in the videos that the young woman had tattoos of large caliber weapons and names on different parts of her body, suggesting an affinity with gun culture and the world of organized crime.