TikTok video captures a potential UFO near Rio Churubusco Avenue in Mexico City and it was not Jaime Maussan’s work

Mexico City residents spot a mysterious object in the night sky; debates on its origin range from drones to extraterrestrial claims.

In the bustling heart of Mexico City, many residents experienced a jaw-dropping moment under the starlit night. A video on the social media platform TikTok captured what appeared to be an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hovering near Rio Churubusco Avenue. The footage, shared by the account “La Otra Dimensión TV,” showcased an object adorned with seemingly circular and oval lights.

UFO phenomena have recently captured public attention, especially with Jaime Maussan’s presentation of purported extraterrestrial biological remains. This has fueled the belief that we might be on the cusp of confirming life beyond our planet. Given this charged backdrop, it’s no surprise that the recent event in Mexico City quickly became a sensation.

The UFO was spotted near Avenida Rio Churubusco (Capture: TikTok).
The UFO was spotted near Avenida Rio Churubusco (Capture: TikTok).

The video claims that the peculiar object made its appearance last weekend, precisely at 8 PM. Multiple comments on the TikTok video bore witness to the event. Several users reported having seen the mysterious lights, with some even mentioning they had observed the same on other days.

Skepticism, speculation, and theories

However, as with many such incidents, there is a healthy degree of skepticism. As recently happened with Jaime Maussan’s theory being labeled as exaggerated by some, many have chalked up the event to reflections, optical illusions, or even drones. While the term “UFO” does stir up thoughts of extraterrestrial beings, it simply refers to any airborne object that hasn’t been identified. This could range from balloons to unusual weather patterns.

Image created by artificial intelligence.
Image created by IA.

A few users hypothesized that the sight was merely drones forming patterns. Yet, others took a more conspiratorial angle. Some referenced the Blue Beam project, a theory essayist and journalist Serge Monast proposed. Monast’s theory suggests that such UFO sightings are part of a U.S. plot to establish a dominant global regime.

Local authorities, interestingly, have remained silent on the matter, choosing not to issue any official statement regarding the phenomenon.

Lighter moments amid the mystery

Amidst the debates and discussions, some users chose to infuse humor. Comments such as, “With all this tech, why would they light up like Christmas?”, “It’s the Blue Demon project vs. the mummies,” and “That UFO is like the Tsuru, well-tuned,” brought a chuckle to the intense debate.

While the origin and nature of the mysterious object remain undetermined, it’s clear that such events, whether simple misunderstandings or genuine mysteries have a powerful grip on the public’s imagination.