TikToker David Velarde lands in a Bolivian jail for harmful sensationalism

Captivating posts unravel as Bolivia detains TikToker for flaunting crime, sending shockwaves through social media.

With the existence of social networks, there have been some cases in which thanks to certain people publish many details about their private life, and thanks to them, they have been arrested since they usually share photos and videos with firearms and even drugs. This happened with a young man who was arrested thanks to what he published on TikTok, where he appeared to be a powerful drug dealer.

The events occurred in Bolivia, and the Minister of Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Carlos Eduardo del Castillo Del Carpio, announced the news through Twitter. According to what was referred to, the tiktoker David Velarde Ovando for the crime of Apology of Crime and others because he made several publications on social networks where he flaunted money, weapons, vehicles, and possibly controlled substances.

According to the official, the content creator was arrested in Laguna Palma Verde in Santa Cruz and taken to the Special Forces Against Crime (FELCC) premises. He also attached photographs of the weapons and bundles of banknotes that he freely showed off on TikTok and the tiktoker.

In his videos he showed off his weapons. | PHOTO: Twitter @EDelCastilloDC
In his videos, he showed off his weapons. | PHOTO: Twitter @EDelCastilloDC

On the other hand, the Second Court of Preventive Instruction ordered the preventive detention of David Velarde in Palmasola prison for 90 days after being accused of “pretending to be a drug dealer” and causing severe damage to the morals of minors.

In this context, the authority said: “The charge was based on article 79 of Law 1008, which punishes apology (with two to five years in prison) because this person pretended to be a drug dealer and boasted about it and with his sensationalism caused damage to people who do not have a criterion”.

Currently, the tiktoker’s account is private, but some of the videos he used to upload can still be found on social networks. In it, you can hear the song”El Centenario” by Los Tucanes de Tijuana and audio at the beginning of a voice that says: “In this business, there are rules and principles that must be followed if you do not want to end up with a bullet in the head” then shows images of wads of bills that he throws on the floor, flies over in a small plane and shows off some of his cars.

Tiktoker show off riches, weapons, money, and possibly forbidden substances.